Luzerne County Council Resolution R-2016-57

  1. Simple Income Statement for the preceding fiscal year stating sources and uses of funds.
  2. Simple Balance Sheet identifying assets and liabilities.
  3. Simple Proposed Budget for current year and the preceding two years.
  4. A listing of members of the governing body with the terms of each member, when they first took office and date their term ends.
  5. The Mission Statement, By-laws and Public Policies governing the entity.
  6. How a member of the public applies for services, grants, or other benefits offered by the Entity (as appropriate).
  7. Copies of all contracts that the entity has executed since January 1, 2015.
  8. Location and contact information of the entity, a listing of the management personnel and other key staff and their contact information.
  9. Listing of professionals providing services to the entity, their dates of engagement and terms of engagement or contract (if any) and the amounts and nature of their compensation.
  10. Minutes of the governing body's meetings.
  11. All resolutions and motions passed by the governing body.
  12. Requests for Proposals or Statements of Qualification issued by the entity.