10 Great Reasons to Attend LCCC


  1) We are the biggest. LCCC is the largest college in northeastern Pennsylvania - serving approximately 16,000 students in credit, Distance Education, workforce development, and continuing education programs every year.

  2) Most choices. LCCC offers over 100 academic, technical and career training programs providing the most choices for academic and career paths.

  3) Tuition: Graduate with a degree, not a lot of debt. You can earn a two-year education for approximately $7,500. That's 50-75% less expensive than any other college or university in our area.

  4) Plenty to do here. LCCC has over 40 clubs, organizations, intercollegiate and intramural sports programs. Plus, LCCC has 4 honor societies (Psi Beta, Phi Theta Kappa, Sigma Kappa Delta, and Sigma Phi Alpha) and the only NAACP chapter in our area.

  5) Diversity. The average student age is 27. Although LCCC attracts many traditional students recently graduated from high school, the College has a very diverse range of students who are working on a new degree or upgrading job skills.

  6) Powerful degree. LCCC is accredited by the Commission on Higher Education Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools which allows LCCC credits to transfer to colleges and universities nationwide. Plus, graduates are guaranteed admission to over 40 colleges and universities in the United States with which Luzerne County Community College has formal transfer agreements.

  7) Well respected. When surveyed, 95% of our graduates who continued their education rated the preparation received at Luzerne County Community College as "good" to "excellent."

  8) Open Admissions. LCCC has an open admissions policy on most academic and technical programs. All you need is a high school diploma or GED. SATs are not required.

  9) Fantastic computer access. The College has over 1,500 computers located in 55 academic labs; wireless network consisting of 12 hot spots at the Main Campus for students to access the internet; more than 85% of the College's classrooms are "Smart Classrooms" which consist of an instructor PC, overhead projector, and network access; all students have access to College e-mail and network accounts through a web-based sign-up system accessed through the College's student intranet portal.

  10) Unique Programs. Music Recording Technology; Health, Physical Education & Movement Science; Pastry Arts Management; Aviation; Nanofabrication Manufacturing Technology; Cyber Security Management; Advertising; Photography; Surgical Technology; Respiratory Technology; Fire Science Technology; and many, many more!