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Associate in Science degree in Social Work
Program Mission/Description:
The A.S. in Social Work is designed to prepare students for transfer to a four-year college/university for a baccalaureate degree in social work (BSW). The program emphasizes the development of communication, problem-solving and critical thinking skills. The curriculum is designed to provide students with introductory knowledge, values, skills and competencies in the area of social work ethics, methods of micro and macro practice, social welfare policy with a focus on social justice, diversity and vulnerable populations across the lifespan.
The program provides the student the opportunity to develop:
  • Knowledge of the historical development and values of the Social Welfare within context of key existing social problems;
  • Knowledge, values and skills of social work as a profession;
  • Knowledge and values of culturally-competent social work at the introductory level;
  • Knowledge of lifespan development within multicultural contexts.
Learning Objectives
The graduate of this program is able to:
  • Demonstrate knowledge of society and the social welfare system as it applies to past and current social problems;
  • Demonstrate knowledge of self , professional behavior, values and ethics in preparation for transfer to a four year college/university offering a B.S.W. degree;
  • Demonstrate the ability to utilize methods of micro and macro practice, effectively communicate, think critically and problem solve;
  • Demonstrate the knowledge of diversity and the value of cultural-competence, in strengthening the well-being of a diverse society;
  • Demonstrate knowledge of human behavior in the social environment utilizing multiple perspectives to develop a holistic dynamic complex view of development.
Required Courses
First year - First semester:

Course Code:Course Name:Number of Credits:
ENG-101English Composition3
FYE-101First Year Experience1
HIS-202American History Since 18653
HMS-101Introduction to Human Services3
HMS-102Interviewing and Communication Skills3
SOC-101Principles of Sociology3
Total: 16
First year - Second semester:

Course Code:Course Name:Number of Credits:
HMS-201Introduction to Counseling3
PHI-151Introduction to Ethics3
PSY-103General Psychology3
SOC-110Issues in American Diversity3
SPE-125Fundamentals of Speech3
Total: 15
Second year - First semester:

Course Code:Course Name:Number of Credits:
BIO-121General Biology4
ENG-102Advanced Composition: Contemporary Issues3
HMS-205Agency Procedures and Legislation3
MAT-107Basic Statistics3
PSY-217Developmental Psychology3
Total: 16
Second year - Second semester:

Course Code:Course Name:Number of Credits:
BIO-122General Biology II4
ElectiveHealth and Physical Ed Electives1
ElectiveHumanities Elective3
POS-101American Government3
ElectiveSocial Science Elective3
Total: 14
Total Credits for Degree: 61