Course Descriptions


AMT103 - CNC Machining I Credits: 4
This course is designed to provide introductory instruction relevant to the information, practices, and procedures utilized to perform CNC programming, maintenance, setup and operation of machine tools. Programming emphasis will include basic manual programming of machining centers, milling machines, and turning centers. Topics of coverage will include analysis of part geometry, material, finish, accuracy, tooling, documentation, machine setup, and protective verification.

Corequisites: MAT 111, GET 113 or permission of the instructor.

AMT104 - CNC Machining II Credits: 4
Designed as a follow-up to CNC Machining I, this course will provide the students with advanced concepts and practices in off-line programming of CNC milling machines as well as lathes. Topics of coverage will include part analysis, with regard to selection and definition of working operations, workpiece holding, tool requirements, machine selection, documentation, advanced computer programming of CNC mill and lathe workpieces, as well as prototype verification on respective CNC machine tools.

Prerequisite: AMT 103.