Course Descriptions


CAR119 - Drawing I Credits: 3
Aimed at the beginning art student, this course allows the discovery of line, form, structure, placement, and value. These processes help the student translate observed reality with all its variety and three dimensional substance on a two di­mensional surface.

CAR120 - Drawing II Credits: 3
The further development of drawing skills learned in Drawing I and the appli­cation of this knowledge through a variety of projects. This course will emphasize the conceptualization processes from generating the idea to the tangible communi­cation of the individual's concept. Projects will be more extensive in nature than in Drawing I.

Prerequisite: CAR 119.

CAR129 - Color and Design I Credits: 3
This course consists of lectures and critiques on color theory and design con­cepts and applications. Class assignments emphasize creative problem solving tech­niques within specific limitations and specifications. Hue, value and chroma, the use of transparent and opaque color effects, textures, etc., are explored in relation­ship to design.

CAR130 - Color and Design II Credits: 3
The course consists of an advanced continuation of Color and Design I, as well as lectures on color and design. Projects relate more to commercial application and production.

Prerequisite: CAR 129.

CAR131 - Sculpture I Credits: 3
This course will be taught in the classical sense; students will be expected to reproduce in clay, exact copies of eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hands and feet. This work will then be directly applied to sculpting the human form as a whole.

CAR132 - Life Drawing I Credits: 3
In Life Drawing the student studies proportion, balance, and the interpretation of gesture, line and value of the human figure in various poses. The student learns anatomy from schematic drawings, by copying old masters drawings and by lec­tures on bone and muscle given by the instructor.

CAR133 - Life Drawing II Credits: 3
An extension of Life Drawing I including exploration of different media. The poses are more extended and the studies more intense.

Prerequisite: CAR 132.

CAR140 - Basic Black and White Photography Credits: 3
This is an entry-level course designed to enable the student to become aware of the fundamentals of black and white film photography. Exposure to cameras, lenses, enlarging equipment, and light-sensitive emulsions provide a practical hands-on approach that allow the student to enjoy and apply the technical aspects of photography with his/her personal creative instincts. Access to a manually adjustable 35mm film camera is required.

CAR201 - Building A Brand Credits: 3
In this course students will learn what is involved with building a corporate identity. Students will learn how to understand the needs of the client and develop professional company logos and collateral pieces, based on marketing research and incorporate them into several different media outlets. Students will be exposed to both limited and unlimited budgets, and understand what it takes to build a com­pany and the products or services it offers. Overall focus of this course will be on visual design through the use of computer related applications.

Prerequisites: CAR 241, CAR 242, CAR 276.

CAR202 - Creative Art Direction Credits: 3
This course is an introduction into the world of art direction. The student will work with designated clients to understand their needs and develop professional works of art that will solve the clients problems. The student will learn how to give direction, as well as be able to take constructive direction. Upon completion of this course the student will be able to work with creative directors, graphic designers, copywriters, marketing managers, and photographers in order to produce innova­tive concepts and layouts.

Prerequisites: CAR241, CAR242, CAR276.

CAR203 - Advertising and Graphic Design for the Web Credits: 3
In this course students will learn what is involved in promoting a corporate identity on-line through advertising and promotion. Students will learn how to increase the visibility of a website through the use of on-line marketing techniques such as search engine submission, press releases, banner advertising, e-mail marketing, reciprocal links and guerilla marketing. The overall focus of the course will be the development of a successful on-line advertising model.

Prerequisites: CAR 293, JOR 100, JOR 211, BUS 201.

CAR205 - Advertising Campaign Design Credits: 3
This course is a culumination of all required courses in the advertising curricu­lum. It will explore all aspects of advertising: past, present and future. Each stu­dent will use all of the learned abilities from the foundation courses to implement string, targeted, innovative advertising campaigns for their clients.

Prerequisites: CAR201, CAR 202, JOR 100, JOR 211, BUS 201.

CAR218 - Professional Painting Portfolio Credits: 1
In this course, the student learns to create an image that is professional and marketable to galleries and commercial art buyers. They also learn to organize, promote and set up a one-person show.

Prerequisite: The course will be taken in the student's final semester after having completed the recommended painting courses.

CAR220 - Basic Photography Credits: 3
Basic Photography is an entry level course designed to enable the student to become aware of the fundamentals of black and white photography. Exposure to cameras, lenses, enlarging equipment, and light-sensitive emulsions through a practical hands-on approach will allow the student to enjoy and apply the technical aspects of photography with his or her personal creative instincts.

CAR233 - Illustration I Credits: 3
The main purpose of this course is to have the student become aware of the possibilities of painting techniques in Illustration. Special effects and image mak­ing will be taught. Hundreds of examples of professional illustration will be used to show students a variety of techniques.

CAR234 - Illustration II Credits: 3
An extension of Illustration I in which the student creates more complicated illustrations using techniques learned in Illustration I, as well as additional meth­ods. Projects are more long term in nature.

Prerequisite: CAR 233.

CAR239 - Portrait Painting Credits: 3
This course consists of the study of the complete structure of the human head. The portrait is first studied in separate units, then put together as a complete struc­ture. Light, proportions, anatomy, planes, and composition will be the principles taught. Video and group critiques will also be employed as teaching aids.

CAR240 - Advanced Black and White Photography Credits: 3
This class enables the student to extend his or her basic photographic skills. Medium and large format cameras are introduced and explored. Specialized black and white darkroom skills and attention to print presentation are stressed. Lec­tures and assignments will provide the student with the tools for developing a sense of personal vision through photography.

Prerequisite: CAR 220.

CAR241 - Graphic Design I Credits: 3
Graphic Design I introduces students to visual communication through the study of the elements of art, the principles of design, and how they fit together. Color theory, typography, idea development, and creative design concepts will be explored through lectures, demonstrations, extensive studio work, and critiques.

CAR242 - Graphic Design II Credits: 3
This course further develops the skills developed in CAR 241 in design, grid systems, advertising techniques, and publication design by providing students with in-depth proficiency in design principles and vocabulary. With the Adobe Creative Suite, students learn advanced techniques in graphic design for traditional and new media.

Prerequisite: CAR 241.

CAR243 - Materials and Techniques of Painting Credits: 3
The course is designed to give the student the opportunity to explore various types of materials and techniques that an artist will have to know to adequately perform a variety of types of painting tasks. Techniques may be applied to both commercial and fine art applications.

CAR245 - Typography Credits: 3
An introduction to the world of typography through which the student develops a fundamental knowledge of how to work with type. The student studies design of type and how it is used as a functional element in layout. The student learns basic typesetting skills as they apply to the Adobe software.

CAR256 - Still Life Painting Credits: 3
This course is designed to provide a solid foundation of painting skills with emphasis on drawing, value, analyzing color, and composition, as they apply to work from still life set ups and preparation of paint and painting surfaces.

CAR257 - Animal Painting Credits: 3
Using the various mediums, the student learns the basic fundamentals of paint­ing animals, birds and fish. Anatomy and the basic structures of the animal are studied. The student learns how to paint surface details such as fur and feathers. The importance of research is stressed.

CAR258 - Landscape Painting Credits: 3
Basic artistic skills are taught which enable students to pursue landscape paint­ing competently. "How to See" color, value, light, and perspective as they apply to landscape painting are topics covered.

CAR259 - Learning From the Old Masters Credits: 3
This course consists of two specific painting methods, the venetian and flemish, which covers a wide range of painting principles the student can incorporate into his/her own painting style.

CAR260 - Color Photography I Credits: 3
This is course is designed to provide an understanding of basic color processes. Negative exposure and developing, basic scanning, digital exposure and digital color printing will enable the student to develop sufficient technical skills necessary to produce "quality" images. The subjective definition of "quality" images will be explored through class assignments and critiques. Access to a manually adjustable 35mm camera is recommended.

Prerequisite: CAR 220.

CAR261 - Independent Study I Credits: 3
Field Work in Commercial Art allows the student to pursue an independent study, individually under supervision, to specialize in an area not covered in Com­mercial Art courses.

CAR264 - Photolighting and Theory of Composition Credits: 3
Light is the photographer's medium, while the "rules" of visual composition are important in determining what a photograph says. Assignments and lectures in this class will allow the student to explore the impact of light and composition upon his/her photographs.
This class can either be taken in conjunction with CAR 220 or after CAR 220.

CAR265 - Portrait and Wedding Photography Credits: 3
Portraiture techniques, lighting, posing, camera formats, wedding techniques, marketing and selling images, and basic business practices will be covered. Handling studio portraiture situations and also location wedding photography will be explored in hands-on class projects. Professional quality images and an understanding of operating a photographic enterprise are the expected outcomes from this class.

Prerequisites: CAR 220, 260 and 264.

CAR266 - Color Photo II Credits: 3
This course is designed to expand upon the basic skills acquired in CAR 260 Color Photography. Students will learn to use a reflection/transmission densitometer which will enable them to practice professional techniques employed in the photo imaging business.

Prerequisite: CAR 260.

CAR267 - Photo Journalism I Credits: 3
Creating newsworthy photographs under the pressure of adverse conditions is the challenge of the photojournalist. The technical skills required for this challenge are incorporated into the projects. Lectures will not only deal with the technical side but also stress the ethical responsibilities related to covering the social, cultural, political, and entertainment activities of our society.

Prerequisite: CAR 220.

CAR268 - Nature Photography Credits: 3
Nature photography encompasses a wide variety of approaches and techniques. This course will provide an opportunity to identify the technical equipment necessary to record quality images of our natural environment along with an appreciation for the aesthetic characteristics required for a successful photograph. Access to a manually adjustable 35mm camera is required.

Prerequisite: CAR 220.

CAR270 - Photo Portfolio and Professional Development Credits: 3
The building of a portfolio will be different for each student. Along with the instructor's input the student will choose the directions of his/her career. The re­sulting portfolio should reflect this direction. Financial and business basics, self promotion, editing, stock photography, portrait and wedding photo, setting up a studio, are some examples of class discussion topics.

Prerequisites: CAR 220, 271, 240, 260.

CAR271 - Photo Studio and Lab I Credits: 3
This class introduces the student to all aspects of the working photographic studio. Medium and large format cameras are used as well as studio flash systems. Projects in both black and white and color covering still life, product and portrait subjects are required. All projects will be done completely in-house utilizing our studio and darkroom facilities.

Prerequisite: CAR 220.

CAR272 - Photo Studio and Lab II Credits: 3
This course further explores the capabilities of commercial photography. Shoot­ing a product, creating a photo for a specific ad design, and corporate portraiture are a few examples of project categories. The techniques used will include medium and large format cameras and also using black and white, color negative, and color transparency films. The resulting photos from this class will be of portfolio quality.

Prerequisites: CAR 220, 271.

CAR275 - Advanced Digital Photography Credits: 3
This class will cover high resolution scanning of existing film images, image capture using single shot and scanning back digital cameras, and image output (printing) of digital files. Basic photographic skills are required.

Prerequisites: CAR 220

CAR277 - Photo Image Enhancement Credits: 3
This course introduces the techniques involved in enhancing photographic im­ages through the use of a computer. Students will learn a variety of techniques while working on assignments utilizing stock photos as well as their own photos. Image retouching, colorization, color correcting, scanning and incorporating text are topics that will be addressed.

CAR279 - Portfolio/ Professional Practices Credits: 3
In this course, students will learn the various components of the Internet including, but not limited to, using e-mail, preparing web pages, and using the Internet as a research tool. Students will also learn about preparing and delivering computer-based presentations. Students will have the opportunity to prepare their professional portfolio in anticipation of future job searches.

Prerequisites: CAR 241, CAR 276, CAR 277, CAR 284.

CAR280 - Independent Study II Credits: 3
An extension of Field Work/Independent Study I which allows the student to pursue additional study in areas of interest not covered under curriculum offerings.

Prerequisite: CAR 261. Final semester after completing recommended courses, student must have GPA of 3.0 or higher.

CAR281 - Internship Credits: 3
The student works in an agency or other business in the communication arts industry under the supervision of a sponsor to gain on-the-job training. Internships are competitive and are awarded by the department faculty at their discretion to students who meet the following qualifications: GPA 3.0 or higher, good attendance record, professional work habits and attitude, no incompletes from previous semesters.

CAR284 - Digital Illustration for Design Credits: 3
In this course students will become proficient using the industry standard computer illustration program. Students will understand the aspects of digital illustration, including the tools and techniques of artwork preparation in the digital world. Overall focus of this course will be on design and color principles, typography and visual translation skills for digital design.

Prerequisite: COM 107

CAR286 - Advanced Photo Image Enhancement Credits: 3
The student explores more advanced problems in photo manipulation and page layout, concentrating on color correction and correct preparation of digital files for printing.

Prerequisite: CAR 277.

CAR293 - Web Page Design Credits: 3
In this course students will learn how to design and develop on-line material. Students will become familiar with HTML and CSS web-based languages as well as on-line interface and digital media design requirements. Students will use industry standard computer graphics programs and Internet based programs to create original and unique on-line material. Functionality and aesthetics will be stressed as students gain exposure to the digital media design processes.

Prerequisite: COM 107

CAR294 - Advanced Web Presentation Credits: 3
Students will use an assortment of integrated development environments to create interactive web pages. Design, functionality and teamwork will be stressed as students develop, test and implement complex web sites. Students will develop skills in using Macromedia Dreamweaver®, Macromedia Flash®, Macromedia Fire­works®, and Quicktime VR®.

Prerequisites: CAR 277, CAR 293.

CAR295 - Multimedia for the Web Credits: 3
Multimedia for the web is an intermediate level course designed to enable students to become aware of the use of multimedia in webdesign. Students will use Macromedia Flash to create interactive web pages utilizing animations and effects that they create.