Course Descriptions


EET120 - Electrical Theory Credits: 4
A study of the principles of AC and DC electricity, as applied to theories of magnetism, electrical circuits, electrical components and the operation of electrical equipment.

EET125 - Electronics for Music Recording Credits: 4
This introductory course will cover the basic principles of electricity and electronics used in audio recording. It will provide the student with theoretical and practical experiences necessary to fully understand the tools, equipment and trouble­shooting skills necessary to build a solid foundation for the future study of audio recording and sound reproduction.

EET131 - D.C. Electricity Credits: 4
Fundamentals of direct current in which electric and magnetic circuit properties are studied; topics include electron theory, electrical units, resistance, Ohm's Law, Kirchhoff's Law, network theorems, energy and power, magnetic circuits and electrical measurements; laboratory experiments coordinate lecture material with practical experience in circuits and instrumentation.

Prerequisite: MAT 111 or concurrent enrollment therein.

EET132 - A.C. Electricity Credits: 4
A study of passive components, resistance, inductance and capacities under transient and sinusoidal voltage conditions; series and parallel circuits in resonant and non-resonant conditions are studied using phasor algebra for problem solution; other topics include circuit Q, power factor correction, transformers, filter, pulse waveforms, and polyphase systems.

Prerequisites: EET 131; MAT 111, 112 or concurrent enrollment therein.

EET135 - Electronic Devices Credits: 4
Introduction to the theory and application of solid state electronic devices including various classifications of diodes, optoelectronic devices, bipolar junctions, field-effect transistors, silicon controlled rectifiers and other thyristors.

Prerequisites: EET 120 or EET 131, and MAT 111.

EET201 - Electronic Amplifier Circuits Credits: 4
A study of the fundamental transistor and integrated circuit amplifiers including direct coupled amplifiers, differential amplifiers, operational amplifiers, audio frequency and high frequency amplifier circuits, power amplifiers, active filters, oscillators, and voltage-to-frequency conversion.

Prerequisites: EET 132, 135.

EET205 - Digital Circuits Credits: 3
Integrated logic components and circuits are studied including basic logic gates (AND, OR, NOT, etc.) and storage components as flip-flops and latches. The representation of the operation of logic circuits in terms of Boolean algebra is presented.

Corerequisite: EET 120 or EET 132.

EET224 - Electronic Communications Credits: 4
Principles of generation, transmission and reception of electromagnetic energy at radio and microwave frequencies; included are coaxial and wave guide transmission lines, basic antenna theory, radio frequency and microwave transmitters and receivers and measurements of radio and microwave parameters. Includes an introduction to data communications.

Prerequisites: MAT 112; EET 201, 205.

EET226 - Microcontrollers Credits: 4
An introduction to the principles of microprocessors such as understanding the basic architecture, registers of a CPU, assembly language programming, stack operations, loops, PSW register, I/O port programming, addressing modes, and arithmetic modes. The course also introduces higher level programming to a microprocessor and applications. Last, stu- dents will program their own virtual CPU via HDL programming code.

Prerequisites: MAT 112; EET 201, 205.

EET228 - Industrial Electronics & Process Control Credits: 4
A study of methods used for sensing and controlling physical and industrial processes; topics include transducers, introduction to motors and generators, power control circuits, feedback control systems, relay ladder logic, and programmable logic controllers.

Prerequisites: MAT 112; EET 201, 205.