Course Descriptions


OMT119 - Keyboarding Credits: 1
Proper keyboarding technique reduces fatigue and increases productivity. This course is a pre-requisite tool to computing providing instruction in developing basic keyboarding skills-keying alphabetic, numeric, and special symbols keys. Emphasis will be placed on technique, speed and accuracy. Students will have a goal of 28 words per minute with two errors on a two-minute timing. Students will also be graded on proper posture and technique.

OMT126 - Keyboarding and Formatting Credits: 3
The course is designed to enhance a student's keyboarding speed and accuracy and to study formatting of business documents. Students using proper technique will review numbers and symbols, and increase keying speed toward a goal of 45 words per minute (WPM). Common business documents such as letters, memos, envelopes, labels, reports, and tables will be created.

Prerequisite: Placement by exam or OMT 119

OMT154 - Office Procedures I Credits: 3
This course prepares students for their role in the modern office. Students are made aware of daily office procedures such as planning meetings and conferences, techniques on the telephone, and maintaining mail and records. Students will de≠velop written and oral communications skills for interacting with coworkers and clients. Finally students will review how the office has changed because of techno≠logical advances. (Fall only)

Corequisite: CIS 110.

OMT254 - Office Procedures II Credits: 3
Students will apply the techniques studied in Office Procedures I to a simulated office. During the simulation, decision-making skills in regard to office policies and situations will be developed. Methods for attaining an entry-level position and advancing in that position will be explor ed. Also, students may explore office settings through research and interviews with office professionals.

Prerequisites: OMT 154, CIS 111, CIS 112.

Corequisite: CIS 114.

OMT299 - Office Internship Credits: 3
A student who has the recommendation of the office technology faculty member is given guidance in finding an administrative position in the business community. This internship is intended to give the student practical work experience in an office setting. As needed, the instructor will meet periodically with students and immediate supervisors to discuss progress during the internship.

Prerequisites: OMT 126, OMT 154, CIS 111, and CIS 112