Course Descriptions


PAR100 - The Paraeducator Credits: 1
This course surveys the current issues,trends and legislation pertaining to becoming a paraeducator. Students gain fundamental knowledge of roles, responsibilities and unique issues surrounding becoming aparaeducator with an emphasis on communication and collaboration with stakeholders. Successful completion of this course allows students to complete several ofthe Credential of Competency for SpecialEducators in Pennsylvania per 22 PA Code Chapter 14.105(a)(1)(iii).

Corequisites: ECE ECR, ECE 100.

PAR221 - Observation for Remediation and Assessment in Literacy andMathematics Credits: 3
This course provides opportunity for students to examine and practice remedial instruction and assessment techniques with special emphasis on literacy and mathematics from grades pre-K through 12. Weekly seminars focus on the theoretical basis of assessment and remedial instruction. Pre-student teaching (PDE Field Experience Stage 3) experience in a school setting for a total of 140 hours is an integral part of the course. Successful completion of this course will allow students to complete several of the Credential of Competency for Special Educators in Pennsylvania per 22 PA Code Chapter 14.105(a)(1)(iii).

Prerequisites: ECE ECR, ECE 100, ECE 210, and PAR 100.