Course Descriptions


SUR101 - Surgical Room Technology I Credits: 10
Offers students class and supervised practice experiences that will enable them to develop the beginning skills needed to assist surgeons, anesthesiologists and nurses in the care of the patient undergoing surgery and in the overall management of the operation room facility.

SUR102 - Basic Surgical Interventions Credits: 10
Addresses the fundamentals of multiple surgical disciplines, relative to anatomy and physiology, pathology, and surgical intervention. Focuses upon the role of the Surgical Technologist in the planning, preparation, and execution of surgical techniques, as related to equipment and instrumentation, patient and health care provided safety, expected surgical outcomes, and potential complications. Includes classroom, laboratory, and supervised clinical instruction.

Prerequisite: SUR 101.

SUR103 - Complex Surgical Interventions Credits: 5
Addresses the role of the Surgical Technologist in planning, preparing, and executing complex techniques related to high-acuity, and technologically advanced surgical modalities. Includes classroom and supervised clinical rotations.

Prerequisite: SUR 102.

SUR104 - Advanced Topics for Surgical Technology Credits: 5
Develops a broader knowledge of various aspects of Surgical Technology. Focuses on sterile processing, laser technology, electrosurgical devices, the use of robotics and computers, and cutting-edge technologies utilized in the modern Surgical Suite. Includes classroom and supervised clinical experiences.

Prerequisite: SUR 103.

SUR105 - Surgical Pathology Credits: 3
This course will provide the student in surgical technology an opportunity to study alterations in body tissues removed by surgical intervention.

Prerequisites: BIO 135, 136, 251. Presently attending SUR course or graduate of an SUR Program, or permission of the Dean.

SUR106 - Pharmacology for Surgical Technology Credits: 3
Prepares the Surgical Technology student with a basic knowledge of the pharmacological agents utilized in conjunction with surgery. This information provides the Surgical Technologist with an ability to plan for and execute safe and effective practices while performing duties within the Surgical Suite.

Prerequisites: Presently attending SUR course or graduate of an SUR Program or permission of the Dean.

SUR107 - Applied Microbiology/Infection Control Practices and Procedures for Health Credits: 3
Introduces students to basic application of microbiology as it relates to healthcare. Focuses upon the principles of asepsis and provides an introduction to the function of surgical services personnel and health sciences personnel in planning, preparation and execution of principles asepsis and sterile technique. Emphasis is placed on disinfection and sterilization of instruments, equipment and supplies. Discussion includes healthcare provider?s role in infection control procedures, and fundamentals of Standard Precautions.