Adult Learner

It's back to school time. Not the kids. But you - the adults

Go back to school. Full-time, part-time or anytime.

You can earn your college degree in virtually no-time.

Holding a job or raising a family can make it difficult to take college classes if you're looking to change your career or improve on your skills for your current job. At Luzerne County Community College, we recognize that not everyone can go to college full-time.

That's why we offer a number of convenient ways to give you the education you need for your career goals. LCCC holds many classes during the evening and weekend to meet your busy schedule. You can receive a degree, diploma, or certification in numerous career programs. Plus, students can take Distance Education classes over the Internet so you rarely have to leave your own home to go to college.

Whether you're looking for a career change or improve your skills for your current job, we can accommodate your needs. In addition to LCCC's over 100 degrees, we offer short-term training programs through our continuing education department.

Plus, LCCC college credits transfer locally and across the nation. And at the area's lowest tuition, LCCC is the perfect solution when you're thinking of going back to school. The average age of our students is 27. So there will be many adult students just like you in your class.