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What is the process to submit an internship announcement? And what is the LCCC's requirements for the company for students interested in going to that internship as a internship course? from John L. on 1/19/2015
Answer: Employers can submit internship announcements directly to me at: To qualify for credit, an internship must meet the academic department's internship requirements for content and number of hours. Students should always check with their department chair to determine if an internship qualifies for credit.

I'm about to graduate from LCCC majoring in Advertising Design and was wondering if you had any internships related to my major? from John L. on 1/19/2015
Answer: All of our internships are posted on our career services website at: (Click on Job Announcements, then Internships).

I'm a High School Student taking college classes. I already took a placement test and I didn't like one of my scores on it and I was wondering if it is possible to retake the placement test? from Kendra Kishbaugh on 9/23/2014
Answer: Hi Kendra,

You'll have to direct that question to Mary Ellen Jolley, head of our Early College program, at 570-740-0482. The placement tests are fairly accurate. In your case it may be indicating that you need to brush up on a certain area. The reason we give placement tests are to make sure that students are not placed in a course that is going to be too difficult for them.

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I was wondering if I would have to go get a masters once I finish my bachelors because when I looked on a job site not much jobs require bachelors actually most jobs require masters from Storme Poggi-Dutnell on 9/7/2014
Answer: Hi Storme,

Thanks for your question. Although you didn't specify what major you were referring to, the decision to continue for a master's degree is really dependent on the major/career. Some careers, like social work, counseling, speech pathology, physical therapy, occupational therapy, require a master's degree to be licensed and to practice. Other majors, like business or health policy and administration, do not require a master's degree, but give job seekers a definite advantage in the marketplace. And to make matters more complicated, there are employers, like higher education (think colleges and universities), that generally require a master's or a doctorate in order to teach.

If you tell me what major you're considering, I can provide more specific details.

Do you offer a class or an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician)? If so, when does the next one begin? I would very much like to register for it. Thank you. from Aaron Dorneman on 7/4/2014
Answer: Yes, we do! Our fall semester begins September 2nd. You will first need to apply to the college (, ask your high school guidance office to send a copy of your official high school transcript to LCCC, and then wait for further instructions about how to register, etc. To view the EMT curriculum, please go to, click on Academics, then College Degrees/Programs of Study,then click on Programs of Study, then scroll down to Health Emergency MEdical Programs to find the EMT program.

Hi Im an online student taking general course studies but looking for employment but I only have experience in childcare as I was once a licensed home childcare provider in philadelphia can you assist me with employers who willing to give me a chance. I havent worked in many year's Also I was thinking about doing assistant caring for elderly home health aide I have no experience iust willing to learn. If I need to change me major to human service would it be difficult Thank you from latamya combs on 6/9/2014
Answer: Applying for a position as an elderly home health care aide is an excellent idea. Most companies are looking for someone who is reliable, willing to learn, and who enjoys working with the elderly. And, most companies will provide their own training. You want to make sure that you apply for non-medical health care positions (light housekeeping, help with dressing or bathing, meal preparation and companionship).

In fact, I just posted a non-medical personal care position. Please see (Click on Job Announcements, then Human Services).

I am working with a youth who has a GED. He wants to go into Engineering. someone told me that LCCC has a Pre-Engineering major that will prepare him to transfer to a 4 year school. I could not find this on line. do you have such a major? from janice reindel on 4/23/2014
Answer: Thanks for your question. Yes, we are starting a pre-engineering program this Fall! Students can apply online and select the program code AS.PEN. At LCCC students will complete typical freshman and sophomore engineering courses and earn their associate degree. After graduation, they can then transfer into the junior year of an engineering program at a local 4 year school. The curriculum is in the process of being added to our web site so tune in at a later date ( select Academics, then Technology).

I would like to apply for Medical Coding. I am new to LCCC, therefore, could you please point me in the correct direction, ie, do i need to take a placement test for the Coding Certification Program? Thank you for your help. from Kimberly Barnes on 4/9/2014
Answer: Thanks for your question, Kim. To apply, simply go to and click on the APPLY NOW! button located in the middle of the page. If you have never attended college before (or have less than 12 credits) you will need to take the placement test. You'll be given directions about how to do that after you apply and are accepted to the college. Next, you'll receive information about how to select a date to register for courses (with the help of a counselor).

Hello, I graduated from LCCC with a Broadcast Communications degree in 2011 and continued my education at Wilkes. I receieved my Bacholer's degree last year. I have been looking for jobs in my field while I'm working full time at a call center. Most (if not all) jobs require a degree as well as hands on experience. How do I gain experience with editing/shooting video and other Communications skills if I am no longer enrolled in school? Do you have any suggestions? from Sarah on 3/31/2014
Answer: Your field does value experience, sometimes over education. If you're not able to secure even a part-time or temporary position in your field, then the next best strategy is to volunteer. Volunteer to help out at a radio, television, cable station, newspaper, or company that has a large public relations department, even if it's only for a couple of hours a week. Ask your friends and your friend's parents for referrals. Another option is to offer to do some free PR for a local community group, a non-profit organization, or for some upcoming event. This is all still considered "experience" and you can list it on your resume. It will takes some extra work on your part at first, but could make all the difference in the long run.

There will be some communications companies coming to our Job Fair on April 2 (11-2 Campus center). Consider coming out and talking to them.

Thank you so much for this artlice, it saved me time! from Samah on 3/19/2014
Answer: Glad to hear it! For more resume help see (Click on Resume and Cover Letter Guidelines).

Hello. I am currently a journalism major at LCCC and I am starting to question if this is the major for me. I've been putting a bit of thought into it and I want to try to go into acting. My question is, what would be the best way to get into this career? from Tia on 12/6/2013
Answer: My first piece of advice would be to start take acting classes (I believe LCCC just launched a theater degree-ask your counselor about this). Then start practicing and gaining credentials by getting involved in local community theater productions and whatever else is available in your local area. Sometimes reality shows will hold auditions in our area, so watch for those types of events also.

I found this website which contains more information:

Best of luck!

What job within LCCC are hiring right now, I am trying to find a job within the School district as a possible lunch cook at LCCC, can someone help me figure out where to apply. The human resources person told me to apply online but I don't know where from Joshua Kloeker on 10/31/2013
Answer: Openings at the College are posted on the LCCC web site (click on Quick Links, then Jobs). Right now I don't see anything posted for the cafeteria. I do know that they hire student help, so I suggest that you go to the cafeteria and ask the staff if they're hiring.

The only other way to work on campus is through Work Study (based on your financial aid package). To inquire about Work Study, see Claire in the Financial Aid office, Bldg 5.

We also post jobs on the career services web site (Click on Job Announcements, then Summer/Part-Time). These job openings are with companies in our surrounding community.

When is the next open house? from Connie Toporcer on 9/18/2013
Answer: Saturday, November 2, 10am-12 pm. There will be more information on the LCCC website so stay tuned!

Can students apply for jobs at the different campus location and are there any daycares on the campus sites from latanya combs on 9/16/2013
Answer: Thanks for your questions. The only jobs available on any campus location are those through the work study program. Check with the financial aid office for more information about the work study program and openings at other campus sites.

To answer your other question, I'm sorry but the college does not have any daycare facilities, at any of our locations.

do you guys have any job openings on campus or how do i find that out? like that start soon or begining of fall 2013? from katie on 7/25/2013
Answer: Hi Katie. The only jobs on campus are those through the Federal Work Study program. If you qualify for Work study (through your financial aid package) then please see Claire Cohen in the Financial Aid Office. Otherwise we do post part-time, off campus positions on our website at (click on Job Announcements).

I was wondering if there are general classes needed before entering the Nursing Program or do you get accepted into the program and start the classes that are required? from Shelby Goss on 7/19/2013
Answer: You can do it either way, but if you have the opportunity to take the gen eds beforehand, do so. Students who are accepted into "general nursing" usually take all of their required gen eds, apply for the program, then just take the required nursing courses when they are accepted into the nursing program. Please talk to your counselor about which gen eds to take and the requirements for the nursing program.

I was browsing through the website time back and I came across continuing education, and I believe this is where I found what I am looking for. It gives a few courses, such as an EKG program, and a few others that are technicians, ex: pharmacy technician, and I am trying to get back to that part of the website but I cannot find it. When I was looking at the description it says that it's a twelve week course and as you are taking the class work you can do your clinicals also, but at the end of the twelve week course you will receive a certificate not a degree. I am very interested in the EKG program if someone could please help me out that would be very helpful. Thank You. from Jessica Trejo on 6/25/2013
Answer: Yes, our Continuing Education department is what you're looking for. From the main LCCC web page, scroll down to the bottom and click on "Continuing Education," then click on "Career Training Programs" on the left. The EKG program is listed on the right hand side.

Are there any tutors for chemistry? I am working full and time is very limited 1 hr between work and classes. stressing from mayra rivera on 6/11/2013
Answer: Yes, we have chemistry tutors. To sign up for a tutor, please come into the Learning Support office located on the lower level of the campus center and see Susan Socash (or call her at 740-0775).

could you please tell me if your school would offer the correct classes to become a dietary nutritionist. If so what steps do I take first to enroll at Lcc. Thank you from matt on 5/30/2013
Answer: A dietary nutritionist requires a bachelor's degree. Although we do not have any bachelor's degrees here at LCCC you could certainly begin your general education courses and then transfer to a school like Marywood to finish your degree. I would check with the school that you intend to finish at and find out what courses they require. Then you will know what courses to take here (you'll also be assigned to a counselor who will help you select the right courses to transfer).

To enroll at LCCC, please fill out the admissions application at You will then receive instructions about how to proceed from there.

Which clep exams are accepted by lccc? also, do they accept tesc, excelsior, or dsst exams? ty. from a on 5/28/2013
Answer: Thanks for your question. Only CLEP exams are accepted. Courses that we accept include English Composition, Calculus, Algebra, Fundamentals of Chemistry, Psychology, Sociology, Spanish, and History. Please contact me at and I will give you the specific CLEP and LCCC course numbers. The list is also available on the CLEP website at: www.collegeboard/clep.

What do I need to do to register for the Court Reporting program? from Sandy on 4/16/2013
Answer: If you're a new student then the first step is to fill out an Admissions application at (see the yellow "Apply Now!" button mid-way on screen). Once the application is processed, you will receive directions regarding how to sign up for classes, etc. If you need to use any type of financial aid, please also fill out the FAFSA application at Have I answered your question?

I received a email about the Game Commission cadets program this month. I don't see it posted on the website for LCCC careers. Is it still available? from Scott on 3/25/2013
Answer: Thanks for your question, Scott. We took the job off the web site because we received a notice from the state informing us that they had closed that job after receiving over 600 applicants (yikes!). Peridoically check the civil service web site because this job will open up again (but it may take 6-8 months).

do you have any job announcements for Hotel/restaurant management student who are about to graduate. training, internship, or jobs? i tried to look through culinary but i figured that was all culinary students. from andrew on 12/28/2012
Answer: Any hospitality jobs will be posted under Hospitality Business Management. I don't believe there are any postings right now, but that can change quickly. We can also register you to receive job notices in the mail (even after you graduate). One company that frequently offers internships is the American Hospitality Academy at

Otherwise, I'd suggest approaching hotels, resorts, golf clubs, country clubs, businesses, etc. that you may want to internship with and inquire about any possibilities.

Hello. I am currently a Business Administration student with Luzerne. I know I've asked this question before, but I just want to be sure that the Business department does NOT accept CLEP test credits for business classes. Has this changed? from Rashelle on 10/22/2012
Answer: You are correct, Rashelle. Only certain gen ed courses such as English (see us for details), History, College Algebra, Psychology, Sociology, and Spanish are cleppable. Thanks for your question.

Hi, I am a Business Administration student and I would like to know how can I gain experience in Human Resources field, so when I graduate I can be a step closer to my career goal? from Jeffrey Arias Nivar on 9/12/2012
Answer: Hi Jeff. congrats - You get the prize for being the first person to ask a question! (Okay, there really is no prize)

You've asked a very good question. One of the difficulties that that new graduates have is that they don't have any real work experience. I'm assuming your career goal is to work in HR?

Internships are probably the best way for students to gain experience in their major (see Internships on my web site under Job Announcements). If you have workstudy, see if you can work in our HR office. As a last resort, offer to volunteer in a HR office (check with our HR office, check with Bonnie Lauer in the Alumni Office (second floor, campus center) or ask a family member/friend/neighbor to see if that would be possible at their place of employment. If you plan to go on for a 4-year degree in Business, keep in mind that you will have plenty of opportunity to take internships during your Junior and Senior years.

Best of luck.