The hotel, bar and restaurant business in the area has boomed over the past 5 years. This has created a demand for professional, qualified Bartenders.

Luzerne County Community College's Bartending Basics and Beyond Program enables you to become very marketable in a short period of time. This comprehensive 32 -hour program is designed to prepare the student for a full-time or part-time career in the bartending field. Learn from an expert the fundamentals of the bar and bartending business in only eight classroom sessions. The hospitality employment market has never been better than now. The program will give the student the necessary marketable skills putting them ahead of those with little or no experience. Topics covered in the program include: A brief introduction into the manufacturing process of beer wine and spirits; Preparing, and serving beer, wine and spirit cocktails with intelligence and professionalism; Quality control; and Cost control. Three hours of training in the Responsible Alcohol Management Program, approved by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, is the mandatory Seller/Server Training and Certification. R.A.M.P. is designed to prevent the abuse of alcohol by patrons. By learning R.A.M.P., individuals who sell and serve alcoholic beverages can obtain the skills necessary to effectively respond to drinking situations that could get out of control, prevent the consumption of alcohol by minors, and understand the liabilities and potential legal consequences to the place of business for noncompliance. Upon completion of the training and a passing grade on the examination, the student will be certified in Pennsylvania for two years.

Please call 1-800-377-5222, ext. 7495 for details.