Senior citizen status at the Community College is for those who have reached the age of 62 years.  A senior citizen will be given a tuition waiver when the College meets the minimum number of paid enrollments for the class.  Also, you may choose to pay the tuition to secure your enrollment, and enrollments secured with payment will be given preference for class entry.  If you choose to secure your seat with payment, you will not receive a waiver for that particular course.  Material fees are never waived.

Please Note:  Some programs have a limited number of seats available, which may disallow any waivers for that class.  Also, there are some program for which we are not able to give any waivers (example: any computer and online classes not eligible for waiver).  Please check with the Continuing Education office if you have questions.

There is a $25 general service fee, per course, payable upon registration for receiving a tuition waiver.  Proof of age is required at time of registration.