Thank you for your interest in teaching at Luzerne County Community College. Our team meets on a regular basis and reviews all proposals to determine which seminars/courses will best meet the needs of the population we serve. The real test of a proposed program is the public response to the publicity. Since there are costs involved for printing of promotional materials, postage, and staff time, every effort will be made to offer seminars/courses which are viable and which do not compete with other offerings. Consideration is also given to the instructor/trainer's recommendations regarding optimal class size, instructor/trainer remuneration, and equipment/material and facility needed for the program. The deadlines for proposals are:

May 31.........for the Fall Semester (September - December)

September 30......for the Spring Semester (February - June)

February 28......for the Summer Semester (July - August)

Just complete our Seminar/Course Proposal Form which will provide us information about the program you are proposing. Please return with the completed Proposal Form copies of college transcripts, certifications, professional license(s) and resume. Should your proposal be accepted, you may be requested to present a sample lesson, to be observed by our staff, to evaluate your style of teaching.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call our office at 1-800-377-5222 ext. 7495 or ext. 7496. Thank you again for your interest.

Course Proposal Form