Veteran Students

Luzerne County Community College is approved for the education and training of Veterans of the armed services. The Office of Veteran's Affairs is located in Building 5, Room 508 in the Financial Aid Office. Eligibility is determined by the Veteran's Administration. All Veterans must have a completed application on file with the VA. They can be completed online at Chapter 31 Disabled Veterans should first contact the VA at 1-570-821-2501 to determine their eligibility. Forms for all other chapters must be completed online at as follows:

Application Change of Program(One time) or Place of Training (With every change)
Chapter 30 22-1990 22-1995
Active Duty
Chapter 35 22-5490 22-5495
Survivors and
Dependents of
Chapter 1606 22-1990 22-1995
Selected Reserves
Chapter 1607 22-1990 22-1995
Chapter 33 22-1990 22-1995
VRAP DOD Program (800) 827-1000

You must annotate any documents and correspondence you send in clearly with Title/Chapter." Enrollment certification for all chapters except Chapter 31 will be done by the Veteran's Representative at the end of the enrollment period for that semester provided the Veteran has:

  1. A completed application on record with the VA.
  2. Completed the necessary Change of Program or Place of Training form and credits apply to the selected program of study.
  3. Proof of payment or arrangements for payment for the semester.
  4. Provided the VA Representative with a copy of your Certificate of Eligibility (DD214).
  5. Provided the VA Representative with a copy of your schedule for the semester.
  6. Provided the VA Representative with proof if the student is seeking a degree at another college and taking credits at Luzerne County Community College that the other college will accept the credits towards their program of study.
  7. To call the VA at the end of each month at 1-877-823-2378 to verify their eligibility to collect.
  8. Verification is not required for C-33.

It is the responsibility of the Veteran to notify the Veteran's Affairs Office of all changes in the number of semester hours carried, curriculum changes, place of training or termination in student status and to report the changes to the VA Representative.

You may contact the VA at or 1-888-442-4551. You may contact the Veteran's Representative at Luzerne County Community College at (570) 740-0395. Veterans must be enrolled in 12 credits a semester to be eligible for full time benefits. Those enrolled for less than 12 credits may be eligible for partial benefits. Veterans who meet certain financial need criteria may be eligible for Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency grants, loans, and/or work study programs. Information for financial aid is available from the Financial Aid Office in Building 5.