Contact Information

Luzerne County Community College
Public Safety Training Institute

1333 South Prospect Street
Nanticoke, PA 18634-3899

 A. David Berman
Law Enforcement Training Coordinator
P: (570) 740-0637
F: Fax (570) 740-0664

 Dale Hendricks
Industrial Safety Training Coordinator
P: (570) 740-0701
F: Fax (570) 740-0664


 John Zegarski, Jr.
Fire Training Coordinator
P: (570) 740-0701
F: Fax (570) 740-0664

 Harold Fisher
Professional Truck Driving Program Coordinator
P: (570) 740-0431


 Karen Kollar
Secretary, PSTI
P: (570) 740-0637
F: Fax (570) 740-0664

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