In today's world, if you have it, a truck brought it. To meet the needs of the fast-paced world, the transportation industry is always looking for well-trained, professional drivers to keep their trucks on the move!

This need for drivers will continue to grow through the next century. As consumer needs increase, so will the need for trucks. This driver shortage is creating unlimited career opportunities for any man or woman who is willing to meet the challenge.

The Luzerne County Community College's Professional Truck Driver Program is dedicated to providing quality training for anyone wanting to be employed as a professional entry level tractor-trailer driver. Our program emphasizes safety and driver courtesy as well as the skills needed to operate the equipment successfully.

Upcoming Truck Driving Training

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Course Title Start Date End Date Tuition
Professional Truck Driving03/27/201706/02/2017$45001. Entrance Requirements
2. Physical and Drug Screening
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Professional Truck Driving03/27/201705/05/2017$45001. Entrance Requirements
2. Physical and Drug Screening
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Our program consists of 240 hours of training including 105 hours in the classroom and 135 hours of range and road driving practice. The program provides a maximum of one instructor for every four students for the road driving training including highway, city streets, mountain and night driving.

Classroom training:

     Tractor-trailer Orientation
     Air Brake Procedures
     Safety Practices and Procedures
     Vehicle Pre-trip Procedures
     CDL Licensing Requirements
     Basic Shifting Procedures
     Federal Motor Carrier Safety Procedures
     Basic Dock Spotting Procedures
     Route Mapping Principles
     Driver Image Skills
     Log Book Procedures
     Job Search Skills

Range Driving Practice:

     Pre-trip Inspections
     Dock Spotting
     Straight Backing
     Coupling and Uncoupling
     Parallel Parking

Road Driving Practice: