Comprehensive Program of Services
for Luzerne County Community College Students:


Students entering the college must take the community college computerized placement test ACCUPLACER. Counselors are responsible for evaluating these test scores as well as utilizing high school records to determine course placement.


Upon completion of the ACCUPLACER placement test or evidence of an SAT score of 500 or higher in math and verbal, the student will receive information on a RSVP Orientation / Registration session.

The Orientation / Registration session is conducted to acquaint you with the College's community, programs, policies and services. Your counselor will provide you with course recommendations for the upcoming semester and help you formulate your schedule based on course offerings, your personal schedule, and your career and academic goals.


Students entering the college as full or part-time day students are assigned a counselor or advisor for academic advisement. 


Counselors are available to assist students in dealing with personal problems that may be interfering with their academic success. Students may be referred to outside agencies if the sessions go beyond the resources of the department.


The counselors assist students in facilitating the realization of their career goals. The department works closely with Career Services (Bldg. 9 Rm. 904). For more information on services and resources, visit


Transfer information is provided to students upon request. Students may initiate an Articulation Agreement with a four-year institution through assistance of their counselor. Ultimately, transfer is the responsibility of the student who must make the final decision and choices concerning transfer. Click here for more information on transferring LCCC credits