Student Support Services Department


Act 101 is a state funded program designed to provide eligible college students with access to higher education through services designed to increase retention through graduation.  Services provided through Act 101 include:

  • Counseling
  • Tutoring
  • College Orientation and Preparatory Experience
  • Seminars on Study Skills

The Carl D. Perkins Program provides services to students enrolled in career programs at the college.  Some of the services provided through the program include:

  • One-to-one counseling
  • Extended Time Group Sessions
  • Monitoring of progress in courses
  • Study skills seminars
  • Services to students with special needs

Luzerne County Community College requires all students to take a placement test prior to their first semester of enrollment.  The assessment instrument used is the Accuplacer, a computer-based test from the College Board.  In addition to Accuplacer, a writing sample is administered and evaluated for placement purposes.  The test is not a pass/fail test.  It helps the counselor determine in which courses the student should be placed to optimize the the student's chances of success.

Accuplacer Information for Students

Step-by-Step Instructions for Administration


Services are provides to eligible students who have documented the need for accommodations.  Included in available services, on the basis of need, are:

  • Extended Time for Tests
  • Assistive devices to provide access to the classroom
  • Interpreters
  • Enlarged materials
  • Liaison between instructor and student
  • Other services required based upon need


The Learning Center provides one-to-one and small group tutorials to students enrolled at the College.  Both professional staff and student assistants are available to facilitate tutorials.  In addition, the Learning Center provides Seminars on Skills scheduled throughout the Fall and Spring Semesters to aid students in development of their study skills and college success techniques.

Learning Center Staff:

Staff Secretary
Doris Gayeski - Campus Center - ph# 740-0408 - email:

How to Study
Study Skills Tips


Academic, personal, career, and financial aid counseling are available through the department's counselors.  An appointment may be made by telephone at (570) 740-0406, 1-800-377-LCCC - ext. 7406, or students may make an appointment in person in room 126 of the Campus Center.

Counselors in the Student Support Services Department:
Martin Gallagher
Maryann Kovalewski
Kim Dyszlewski
Cindy Malkemes
Financial Aid Application

Pennsylvania Financial Aid Site for Students