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Position Title: Adjunct Faculty - ALTA Program

Position Classification: Adjunct Faculty

Minimum Position Qualifications:

  1. Education - B.S. in Education or related field (Elementary Education, Special Education, Early Childhood Education, or Secondary Education); ESL Certification preferred for ESL instructional positions.

  2. Experience - Working experience with adults preferred including basic skills instruction, recruitment, retention, and transition.

  3. Skills - Well-developed communication, recruiting, instructional, retention, and transition skills; computer literate; working knowledge of adult education theory, principles, and learning strategies preferred.

    Position Responsibilities:

    The Adult Learners Training and Assistance Program Adult Education Practitioner will be responsible to the Program Coordinator and Director for the following: conducting whole class, cooperative, and individual instructional sessions and transition activities for Literacy, Adult Basic Education (ABE), English as a Second Language (ESL), Family Literacy, and/or Adult Secondary Education (ASE)/General Education Development (GED) learners; planning, using, and documenting instructional and transitional strategies and practices based on research that has proven to be effective in increasing adult learning and transitioning adults through career pathways; ensuring and documenting that learning takes place in real life contexts so that adults gain skills needed to compete in the workplace and exercise the responsibilities of citizenship; incorporating advances in technology, including use of computers, in instructional delivery; testing all clients appropriately as required by the grant agency and the grant document; participating in program orientations, reviewing adult learner goals and analyzing assessments, making referrals to other community resources/agencies, assisting with addressing barriers to attendance, such as childcare and transportation; assisting with transitioning to workforce or postsecondary education/ training; documenting all contacts with adult learners instruction/ transition activities and hours; serving as a resource person to the Program Coordinator and Director regarding the needs of adult learners and/or families; assisting the Coordinator in conducting and arranging group meetings; assisting the Coordinator in conducting recruitment, retention, and transition activities; following/tracking each adult learner and/or family during/after service delivery and documenting same; assisting the Volunteer Tutor Trainer and/or Program Coordinator with the activities of volunteers in conjunction with program personnel; attending and/or assisting with local training sessions and professional development meetings of staff; attending local, regional and statewide professional development; documenting learning transfer from local, regional, and statewide professional development and training sessions to the classroom; recommending instructional materials and equipment for purchase; cooperating fully with grant agency personnel including the assigned program advisor in accomplishing grant requirements; maintaining complete records on all adult learners and/or families and delivered services; participating in professional evaluations with peers and supervisors; and such other duties related to the foregoing as may be assigned by the Director or his/her designee.

    Entry Salary: $17.50/hour

    Apply End Date: September 15, 2017.

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    Candidates representing all aspects of diversity are encouraged to apply.