Course Descriptions


ART110 - Art Appreciation Credits: 3
An introduction to the elements of architecture, painting and sculpture; the prin­ciples of the fine and applied arts are considered for their immediate relevance to contemporary life; through various media and through classroom experiences, the student develops his/her awareness of the sensitivity to all forms of art.

ART130 - History of Commercial Art Credits: 3
In History of Commercial Art, the student studies the history of painting,graphic design, and photography, and the evolution of eash discipline. THis course will focus on the influence of the ten schools of painting, the effect that major design schools and studios have on graphic design, and the development of photographic processes as they have contributed to the field of commercial art.

ART150 - The Creative Spirit in Modern and Contemporary Art Credits: 3
This course will examine the major developments in art from Impressionism to the present. Class sessions will include lectures, visual presentations and class dis­cussions.

ART200 - The Movies Credits: 3
Techniques of film making, surveys of history, movements, and genres of mov­ies; analysis of selected performers and directors.