Course Descriptions


BUS101 - Introduction to Business Credits: 3
This course will provide the business student with a solid foundation that they need to succeed in today's competitive business world. It will include the following topics: the business environment, including global business; business trends, including forming a business and franchises; management; human resources, including motivating and satisfying employees; marketing; business strategy, including accounting and decision making, and e-business; and finance.

BUS105 - Business Mathematics Credits: 3
Designed for students who plan to major in a business areas, this course stresses comprehension of mathematical concepts used in business; percentage as applied to markup and markdown, trade and cash discounts, calculations, interest, commission sales, installment buying, payroll and compound interest.

BUS107 - Mathematics of Finance Credits: 3
Topics include simple interest, bank discount and rediscount, compound inter­est; stocks, bonds, insurance and annuities; depreciation, amortization and sinking funds; approximate computation and capital budgeting.
Prerequisites: MAT 105 OR 121, or permission of the instructor.

BUS201 - Principles of Marketing I Credits: 3
The scope and significance of marketing; the markets for consumer and indus­trial goods; the wholesaling and retailing of consumer goods; the marketing of agricultural and industrial goods and the marketing policies and practices of busi­ness firms.

BUS203 - Introduction to Sales Credits: 3
A study of the basic principles of successful selling; included are such topics as the place of the salesperson in our competitive economy, developing a sales-winning personality, and the selling cycle from prospecting through closing the sale; emphasis is placed on creative selling and specialty goods; deals with the background information needed by salespeople; analyzes the selling process and the relationship existing between the business firm and the salesperson.

BUS208 - Introduction to International Business Credits: 3
The fundamentals of international business are discussed. Topics range from international organizations through the uncontrollable forces influencing management of international business. The tools of management and strategies designed to increase the knowledge of new global markets are examined in detail. World finance, accounting, logistics, are placed in the proper perspective. Same course as INB 102 and BUS 181; duplicate credit not possible

BUS209 - Business Communications Credits: 3
Developing skill in clear, persuasive writing; style and correct work is supplemented by practical exercise in composing credit, collection, adjustment, inquiry and sales letters; students prepare job applications and a brief report.

BUS210 - Introduction to Customer Service Credits: 3
This course will describe and define professional customer skills: what customer service is and what it isn't; and the rational for improving service. Three areas of customer service will be examined in detail - decision making service (helpingpeople decide), problem-solving service, and time-of-purchase service.

BUS229 - Personal Money Management Credits: 3
Discussion of the problems involved in efficient handling of personal money matters, taxes, life insurance, investments, borrowing, buying a home, mortgages, savings, annuities, will trusts, budgeting and many other topics. (Spring only)

BUS231 - Principles of Management Credits: 3
This is a survey course designed to introduce the student to the basic concepts and analytical techniques of management. Functions of management discussed include: traditional viewpoints of organization and new developments; motivation and the human element of organization; planning and decision-making; control and its applications; motion and time study; managerial economics and managerial accounting; schematic analysis; mathematical and statistical approaches in decision-making.

BUS248 - Small Business Management Credits: 3
This course investigates and prepares the student for the challenges and opportunities of sharing and owning an entrepreneurial business. Topics studied will include the characteristics of a successful small business person, opportunities and options for a small business start up, and the planning, organizing, financing, and operations of a firm from its beginning through the growth process.
Emphasis will be placed on the startup plan, the marketing strategy development, financing and accounting basics, and profit through the control process.

BUS251 - Human Resource Management Credits: 3
Human Resource Management is concerned with the planning, organizing, directing, and controlling the functions of procurement, development, maintaining and utilizing a labor force for personal, company and community objectives. Human resource managers perform four roles: administrative, employee advocate, operational and strategic. The course includes topics relevant to personnel activities such as compensation, benefits, safety and security obligations.

BUS253 - First-Line Supervisory Principles Credits: 3
Practical experience and analysis of the principles of first-line management is used to assist the practitioner in becoming the successful key individual of an organization. A practical approach in the concepts and practices of organization, human behavior and managerial skills, supervisory duties, and the effects of governmental and social influences is given. The short incidents and role play are utilized as significant educational tools. (Spring only)

BUS261 - Business Law I Credits: 3
The fundamental principles of commercial law with emphasis on laws of soci­ety, contracts, bailments, personal property; cases relating to topics of discussion will be utilized to give application to the basic principles.

BUS262 - Business Law II Credits: 3
Continuation of Business Law I, including a study of legal principles covering sales of goods, insurance, suretyship, partnership, corporations, real property, leases, and bankruptcy.
Prerequisite: BUS 261.

BUS263 - Office Management Credits: 3
Modern management principles and practices in the organization, operation and control of office functions; this includes the study of physical facilities and office machines; personnel management, including analysis of supervision, training, job evaluation and wage administration as applied to the office environment.

BUS299 - Business Internship Credits: 3
Students will be placed in selected Businesses to perform internships designed to give students the opportunity to make practical application of their course work in a business setting.
Prerequisite: 18 credits in ACC or BUS taken in the Business Management Technology Program