Course Descriptions


CEL101 - D.C. and A.C. Fundamentals Credits: 4
Study of basic electrical laws, terms, meters, instruments and their application to DC and AC circuits. Other topics include batteries, electrostatics, commercial and industrial power use, direct current machinery and alternating current machinery. Concurrent with MAT 103 (Trade).

CEL103 - Basic Construction Wiring Credits: 3
A study of the proper care and use of hand tools, splicing of wires, blueprint reading, residential lighting and receptacle circuits, low voltage switching and con­trol circuits, safety practices, and lifesaving techniques. Additional laboratory ex­perience is obtained in the installation of house wiring circuits, wiring boxes, romex cable, fluorescent and incandescent lights, and switches.
Corequisite: MAT 103 (Trade) or permission of instructor.

CEL112 - Advanced Electrical Construction Credits: 4
Practice in installation of rigid conduit and other electrical wireways, pulling in and wiring of motor controllers and other electrical equipment; additional study of electrical blueprints.
Prerequisite CEL 103 - Concurrent with MAT 103 (Trade) or permission of instructor.

CEL116 - National Electrical Code 1 Credits: 2
The study of the National Electric Code as it applies to residential wiring for single dwelling occupancies and wiring for multi-dwelling occupancies including multi-media service entrances, sub panels, sub feeders, and swimming pools.

CEL119 - National Electrical Code 2 Credits: 2
The study of the National Electrical Code as it applies to commercial and industrial standard locations, included are service entrances, lighting, non-metallic raceways, and standard electric requirements.
Prerequisite: CEL 116 or permission of instructor.

CEL120 - Electric Motors Credits: 3
A basic study of electric motors used for residential and industrial applications including motor protection, trouble shooting, maintenance, starting methods and connections.
Prerequisite: MAT 103 (Trade), CEL 101 or permission of instructor.

CEL121 - Electrical Motor Control I Credits: 4
A study in controlling, including motion control reversing, speed control, and braking circuits. Students will be assigned individual projects.
Prerequisite: MAT 103 or 111, CEL 101 or EET 120 or permission of instructor.

CEL122 - Electric Motor Control II Credits: 4
A study in controlling large electric motors using reduced voltage starting meth­ods, high capacity motor starters, speed control, wound rotor controllers, and over load protections.
Prerequisite: MAT 103 (Trade), CEL 121 or permission of instructor.

CEL123 - National Electrical Code Credits: 2
The study of the National Electric Code as it applies to Special Occupancies including hazardous locations, service stations, place of public assembly, health care facilities, mobile parks, and similar locations.
Prerequisite: CEL 116, CEL 120 or permission of instructor.

CEL130 - Power Systems Credits: 3
A basic study of commercial and industrial power suppling systems. Included are three phase service entrances, self-contained and instrument type of utility metering, grounding methods, raceways, switchboard, and panel boards and over current protection on distribution.
Prerequisite: MAT 103 (Trade), CEL 101 or permission of instructor.

CEL132 - Transformers Credits: 3
A basic study of transformers used in electrical systems; included are single and three phase connections, methods of bucking or boosting voltages, transformers, instrument transformers, protection, troubleshooting, and maintenance.
Prerequisite: MAT 103 (Trade), CEL 101 or permission of instructor.

CEL201 - Industrial Electricity Credits: 4
This course provides student with a fundamental understanding of electrical installations and maintenance in an industrial environment. The course will cover electrical safety, installation of switches, receptacles, lights, electrical conduit, wire-ways, fuses, circuit breakers, electric motors, relay circuits, logic circuits, and troubleshooting. Students will be provided with an understanding of how to apply the applicable National Electrical Codes to installations.
Pre requisites: CEL-101, MAT-111