Course Descriptions


COM101 - Basic TV Production Credits: 4
Introduction to the basics - planning, equipment orientation, responsibilities of personnel, lighting, and camera operation, with basic 'hands on' exercises.

COM102 - Electronic Field Production Credits: 4
The purpose of this course is to consolidate the skills learned in the basic video production course with advanced production skills and techniques which will be applied to produce and direct professional programs through hands on experience in on-location assignments.
This course will consist of lectures, in-class discussions and video productions in the form of both class exercises, group projects and individual productions. Digital video cameras & non-linear digital editing software will be utilized for class work.
Prerequisite: COM 101.

COM104 - Introduction to Multimedia Technology Credits: 3
The purpose of this class is to provide substantive learning experiences for students in the acquisition, preparation, utilization, and distribution of computer generated multimedia. Design and digital authoring for various media applications will be examined, and hands-on experiences will be provided. The focus of the course is the design and preparation of standalone multimedia presentations for audio, video, internet, mobile and other new and emerging technologies.
Prerequisite: CIS-107.