Course Descriptions


ECO151 - Principles of Economics I (Macro) Credits: 3
This course introduces students to the study of macroeconomics, the social science that explores the behavior of the economy as a whole. Macroeconomics is primarily concerned with two major topics: long-run economic performance and the short-run fluctuations in output and employment associated with the business cycle. Students will develop an understanding of the data and techniques used to measure short-term and long-term economic performance. Students will explore the functioning of the market economy along with the role that governments play in the macro-economy.

ECO152 - Principles of Economics II (Micro) Credits: 3
Introduction to fundamental economic concepts designed to acquaint the student with the functioning of the business firm in the economy, with distribution theory, and with the elements of international trade and finance; supply and demand analysis is stressed to explain the operation of the price system in its classic function of determining what shall be produced for whom and how; current economic problems, economic growth and development, and comparative economics systems.
Pre requisites: ECO-151 Principles of Economics I (Macro)