Course Descriptions


EDM112 - 3-Dimensional Modeling and Prototyping Credits: 3
This course will offer the student a chance to study Computer Aided Design (CAD) techniques to assist in design and modeling concepts. Studies will focus on: design approaches, methodologies, and techniques to help CAD designers/engineers and draftspersons achieve their engineering tasks in the fastest, easiest, and most effective way. An overview of command sequences will provide the student fundamental skills to achieve CAD and modeling tasks.
Prerequisites: EGR-110

EDM203 - CNC Machining I Credits: 4
Formerly AMT-103 - This course is designed to provide introductory instruction relevant to the information, practices, and procedures utilized to perform CNC programming, maintenance, setup, and operation of machine tools. Programming emphasis will include basic manual programming of machining centers, milling machines, and turning centers. Topics of coverage will include analysis of part geometry, material, finish, accuracy, tooling, documentation, machine setup, and protective verification using control simulators.
Pre requisites: GET-121

EDM204 - CNC Machining II Credits: 4
Formerly AMT-104 - Designed as a follow-up to CNC Machining I, this course will provide the student with advanced concepts and practices in off-line programming of CNC milling machines Routers and Lathes. Topics of coverage will include part analysis, with regard to selection and definition of working operations, workpiece holding, tool requirements, machine selection, documentation, advanced computer programming of CNC mill, Router, and Lathe, as well as prototype verification using control simulators on respective CNC machine tools.
Pre requisites: EDM-203

EDM230 - Computerized Advanced Drafting Credits: 4
Formerly CDT-203 - This course is a continuation of GET 113 Technical Drafting. Content includes advanced dimensioning, tolerancing, threads, fasteners, and the production of working drawings. Lab assignments will include the utilization and practice of CAD techniques to speed productions of drawings, and apply CAD techniques in an efficient manner consistent with industrial practice.

EDM240 - Computerized Design Problems Credits: 4
Formerly CDT-204 - The focus of this course is the solution of problems relative to the design of devices and products. Lecture content includes the theory, process, and execution of ideas to create devices and products. Laboratory exercises will involve the production of design drawings and the solution of design problems utilizing techniques unique to CAD.
Pre requisites: EDM-230