Course Descriptions


EDU150 - Introduction to Education* Credits: 3
An introductory course in the field of education. It will present an overview of the historical, philosophical and social foundations of education. Current trends, legislation, governance and financing of schools, opportunities for employment, and certification processes are explored. Particular emphasis will be placed on the professional role of the teacher. Practical experience in area educational settings for a total of twenty hours is an integral part of the course.

EDU151 - Educational Technology Credits: 3
This course is designed to introduce students to educational technology. In addition to preparing students to select and use equipment and software, this course prepares students to effectively use technology as a teaching tool.

EDU251 - Curriculum Credits: 3
This course serves as an introduction to the foundations, structures, and expectations of curriculum, including individualized education programs used with student with disabilities. Curriculum regulations, purposes and structures will also be discussed. The course prepares students to develop and use the curriculum and materials to plan, implement and assess units and lessons. Students will also learn to develop, administer and use the results of the formal and informal tests,establish classrooms and conduct non-instructional duties performed by classroom teachers. Materials and resources used by teachers will be highlighted.

EDU261 - Teaching Credits: 3
This course prepares students to plan and implement units and lessons that follow models for group-oriented direct instruction in content areas. During this course students prepare and actually teach a series of demonstration lessons.

EDU271 - Classroom Management Credits: 3
This course introduces students to the basic roles and responsibilites of classroom teachers as they relate to managing classrooms and behaviors. Students explore the challenges they are likely to face as classroom teachers, including those presented by the students with disabilites and prepare to understand and use a series of theory and research-based routines and techniques to manage students' behaviors across levels and settings.