Course Descriptions


EGR110 - Engineering Graphics Credits: 3
Drafting techniques and standards will be practiced utilizing the current edition of Autodesk CAD software as the drafting tool. Student will learn how to create technical drawings that accompany introductory commands associated with fundamental engineering design applications. Topics include engineering design processes, methods and decision making using team design projects. Graphical, verbal and written design communication methods are also covered. Applications of topics are supported using team-oriented design projects.

EGR220 - Statics Credits: 3
This course will study the principles of mechanics to analyze forces on non-moving rigid bodies. Topics will include the resolution of forces and moments into components, and detailed study of the conditions for securing and maintaining static equilibrium. Prerequisites: MAT 151 or MAT 111.

EGR225 - Electrical Circuits & Devices Credits: 4
An introduction to the principles of electrical circuit analysis, linear networks, electronic devices, amplifiers, time domain transient and steady state responses.
Prerequisite: MAT 251.
Corequisite: MAT 279.

EGR235 - Strength of Materials Credits: 3
This course develops an understanding of the fundamental theories and principles of mechanics of materials as well as the basic modes of design for various engineering structures loaded under different conditions.
Prerequisite: EGR 220.

EGR245 - Thermodynamics Credits: 3
The basic subject matter of Thermodynamics will be studied. Applications in various professional fields as well as advanced topics such as those related to materials, surface phenomena, plasmas, and cryogenics will be addressed.
Prerequisite: EGR 220.