Course Descriptions


ENG029 - Basic Writing Skills Credits: 3

*** Course Under Revision *** A basic review of grammar is coupled with intensive practice in sentence recog­nition and development (patterns). Clear communication in everyday situations is included. Grammar and communication skills are combined with the ultimate goal of writing short paragraphs. This course does not apply toward graduation.

ENG030 - Fundamentals of Writing Credits: 3

*** Course Under Revision *** Through practice in the fundamental concepts of writing, this course emphasizes paragraph development techniques, sentence structure, mechanics and usage of language. Students prepare paragraphs leading to complete essays in terms of descriptive, narrative and expositive writing. Classwork may include conferencing, collaborative and individual writing, revising and editing of papers, reading and discussion. Students must complete the course and a mandatory writing test given at the end of the semester successfully. This course prepares the student for ENG101 Composition I, but does not apply toward graduation.
Prerequisites: Placement by exam or ENG 029 with a 'C' grade or higher.

ENG100 - Effective Writing Skills Credits: 1

*** Course Under Revision *** This course provides the necessary skills and selected approaches to English grammar as it applies to required college writing for students who are in need of further development of using Standard English.
Along with English 101, this course provides a review of grammar, punctuation, and usage skills as well as spelling hints. To develop further writing capabilities for academics and careers seeking the demand for English skills competency.
Co requisites: ENG-101

ENG101 - English Composition Credits: 3
Principles of rhetoric, grammar and usage; the development of vocabulary and extensive use of selected reading materials and study of research methods are stressed as fundamentals in the writing of themes as well as extended papers. Students will be required to take a writing competency exam as part of the course
Pre requisites: ENG-030 with 'C' or higher or Placement by exam