Course Descriptions


FRE101 - Elementary French I Credits: 3
The first course for students beginning the study of French; the elements of gram­mar and reading, drill in vocabulary, pronunciation, diction and graded readings are studied.

FRE102 - Elementary French II Credits: 3
Stresses the aural-oral approach to reading; the development of the student's ability to read, write and converse on an elementary level of difficulty.
Prerequisite: FRE 101 or its equivalent.

FRE201 - Intermediate French I Credits: 3
The intermediate course presents a thorough review of French syntax, vocabulary, building, phonetics translation, reading, writing and conversation on the level of practical use.
Prerequisite: FRE 102 or its equivalent.

FRE202 - Intermediate French II Credits: 3
In addition to continued study of French syntax, includes conversation, reading and writing in French; selected readings of literary and cultural merit are used to improve the student's proficiency in reading French.
Prerequisite: FRE 201 or its equivalent.