Course Descriptions


FST101 - Introduction to Fire Protection and Prevention Credits: 3
An introduction to fire science with emphasis upon municipal fire services, fire defenses through prevention and the basic concepts of combustion and extinguishment defenses through prevention and the basic concepts of combustion and extinguishment.

FST111 - Fire Service Management Credits: 3
An introduction to the management of fire service resources, equipment and personnel; financing of fire service operations; fire related laws of Pennsylvania; personnel leadership and development; public relations for the fire service.

FST112 - Fire Protection Systems Credits: 3
Fire protection engineering including all types of fixed systems for fire prevention, control, suppression and extinguishment; detection signal and extinguishing systems both automatic and manual types; temperature, smoke, products of combustion, and flame responsive alarm signal systems; discusses current trends, deficiencies, and possible solutions for fire protection problems.

FST121 - Fire Fighting Tactics and Strategy Credits: 3
Essential elements in analyzing the nature of fire and determining required water flows; field problems in preplanning; study of special command problems and mutual aid; field exercises with extinguishing methods and efficient use of equipment and available manpower in tactical situations.

FST201 - Building Codes and Construction Credits: 3
Common concepts in building construction, types of structural design materials and fire ratings of building materials, blueprint reading, building codes and the necessity for fire protection will be reviewed.

FST202 - Hazardous Materials Credits: 3
A study of chemical characteristics and reaction to storage, transportation and handling hazardous materials, i.e., flammable liquids, combustible solids, oxidizing and corrosive materials, and radioactive compounds. Emphasis is placed on emergency situations, fire fighting, and control.
Prerequisite: PHY 101.

FST203 - Principles of Inspection Credits: 3
Pre-planning, inspection, organization, techniques, and procedures; field inspection includes diagramming, mapping, and reporting.

FST251 - Fire Investigation and Arson Credits: 3
Stresses the fire fighter's role in combatting the arson problem; investigation techniques, reports, case histories, and court preparation as well as detection, prevention, and preservation of evidence in arson cases; selected discussion of laws, decisions, and opinions other than fire and building codes affecting fire department operations.
Prerequisite: FST 101.

FST255 - Fire Service Hydraulics Credits: 3
Covers fundamentals involving movement of water through a variety of conditions - hose streams, pipe systems and pumps; computing nozzle pressures, liquid pressures and range, and effectiveness of fire streams; determining of water supply requirements for section of a community and for actual fire situations.
Prerequisite: MAT 103.

FST259 - Hydraulics II Credits: 3
A study of hydraulic principles as applied to the design, maintenance and testing of automatic fire protection sprinkler systems with emphasis upon calculations required to design and maintain such systems.
Prerequisites: MAT 103, FST 255.