Course Descriptions


HCM101 - Introduction to Health Care Systems Credits: 3
This course is a comprehensive introduction to the organization of the US health care system. It will introduce the student to health care management and examine forces that affect healthcare delivery in the United States. The medical care system will be explored from a historical perspective. It will address the current major problems existing in healthcare delivery. Alternative resolutions for future implementation in the healthcare setting will be examined.

HCM201 - Medical Practice Administration Credits: 3
This course introduces the field and the management of contemporary medical practices and examines strategies for a changing environment. It will introduce the student to historical overview of ambulatory care in the US, organizational environment analysis, principles of financial, information systems and human resource management. It will address marketing, strategic management of group practices, and the implications of managed care and integrated delivery systems. The course presents these topics from a managerial perspective.

HCM280 - Internship Credits: 3
This internship is taken in the last semester of the Health Care Management program. It is designed to provide practical work experience in the healthcare community. This internship requires the student to perform healthcare management work directly related to the health care area.
Prerequisites: HCM-101, HCM-201