Course Descriptions


HIM120 - Medical Terminology Credits: 3
A course designed to teach the most common roots, prefixes, and suffixes in medical terminology. Emphasis is placed on definition, medical abbreviations, spelling, pronunciation, use of the medical dictionary and vocabulary building.

HIM133 - Medical Office Procedures Credits: 3
This course prepares the student to perform administrative functions using the Electronic Health Record (EHR). Students learn how to input patient information, schedule appointments and maintain the EHR. Topics covered include the Medical Assisting Profession, Health Care Settings, History of Medicine, Coping Skills, Therapeutic Communication Skills, Legal and Ethical Considerations, Emergency Procedures, Facility Environment, Electronic Health Record (EHR) and the Patient Chart.
Prerequisite: OMT 119 or placement by exam.

HIM225 - Reimbursement Methodologies Credits: 3
This course prepares the medical office assistant to perform financial reimbursement functions using proper health insurance claim forms and billing guidelines for various third party payers such as: Medicare, governmental plans, commercial carriers, workers' compensation, etc. Focus is also placed on understanding Managed Care. Students learn billing for both physician and hospital claims. Students will be introduced to basic coding techniques. Emphasis is placed on the uses of coded data and health information in reimbursement and payment systems appropriate to all health care settings and managed care.
Corequisite: HIM 120 and HIM 133.

HIM228 - Healthcare Data Content and Delivery System Credits: 3
This course introduces students to the contents, use and structure of the health record, including data and data sets. It explains how these components relate to primary and secondary record systems and gives an overview of the legal and ethical issues applicable to health information. Students are introduced to the organization, financing and delivery of health care services and the organization and activities of hospitals, nursing homes, mental health and ambulatory care centers, home health agencies and hospices.

HIM233 - Electronic Health Records (EHR) Credits: 3
This course is a continuation of HIM-133 Medical Office Procedures. It continues to prepare the student to perform administrative functions. Students will use practice management software. Students will learn to input patient information and perform a variety of billing functions. Topics covered include Administrative Procedures, Telephone Techniques, Patient Scheduling, Medical Records Management, Written Communication, Managing Finances, Office Management, Human Resource Management, Employment Strategies and Computerized Practice Management Software
Prerequisite: HIM 133.