Course Descriptions


HPE104 - Dynamic Yoga Credits: 1
Dynamic Yoga is a form of Hatha Yoga (physical yoga) with emphasis on fluidity and heat using powerful moves and isometric postures. Dynamic Yoga will promote both cardiovascular and muscular stamina and create a feeling of deep but alert relaxation. Through the balance of awareness, alignment, movement, energy and breath the student will manifest stability, adaptability, radiance grace and overall well-being.

HPE106 - Circuit Weight Training Credits: 2
This course will provide the scientific evidence available from manual and professor to allow the students to become physically educated to make fitness and wellness a lifelong goal. This is a course designed to utilize a timed sequence of weight training exercises and aerobic activities to produce gains in weight training which differs from traditional weight training and uses lighter weight loads with short rest periods between exercises. Participants improve muscular strength and tone, body composition, and cardiovascular endurance.

HPE107 - High/Low Aerobic Dance Credits: 1
A direct program of physical exercise and conditioning to improve and/or maintain physical exercise through simple choreographed dance moves intended to increase heart rate.

HPE108 - Cardio-Kickboxing Credits: 3
This course will consist of a directed program of physical exercise combining aerobics, kickboxing, dance and other components of fitness trainging into one synergistic workout.

HPE110 - Basketball Credits: 1
The purpose of this class is to provide students with a general knowledge and skill level of the game of basketball. As a result of the class, the student will improve their general physical fitness and skill performance. Principles, techniques, safe practices and strategies of basketball will be taught throughout the class. Sportsmanship and enjoyment of the game will be emphasized.

HPE111 - Bowling Credits: 1
For the beginner as well as the advanced bowler; provides instruction in all aspects of bowling including history, bowling techniques, scoring and league play.

HPE113 - Badminton & Golf Credits: 1
(Badminton) Fundamentals, drills, court strategy, team play and rules. (Golf) Basic skills for the beginning golfer; all equipment is supplied.

HPE115 - Active Living Everyday Credits: 1
This course uses a variety of behavior change strategies to help fi t physical activity into your day. It addresses the root causes of physical inactivity and focuses on the skills needed to establish a lifelong habit of physical activity. This course will be offered via distance learning with optional coaching sessions if needed by the student.

HPE118 - Fencing Credits: 1
Basic skills of mobility, offense and defense; judged bouting and match play. Necessary equipment will be provided.

HPE121 - Aerobic Step Training Credits: 1
A direct program of physical exercise and conditioning to improve and/or maintain physical fitness. This course was formerly called Slimnastics.

HPE122 - Fitness for Life - An Individualized Approach Credits: 2
This course is designed to take people from their current level of fitness toward increased cardiovascular endurance, proper weight control, increased strength and flexibility, and the ability to relax. In this course individuals will apply what they learn by writing and engaging in their own personalized programs.

HPE124 - Cardio Sculpt Credits: 1
The course is designed to interweave short, high-intensity total-body anaerobic, aerobic and strengthening segments. This method will keep your heart rate up, even during the strengthening segments. This will allow the student to maximize fat-burning as you build lean muscle. The cardio segments are designed with easy-to-follow choreography and the strengthening intervals maximize efficiency with varied weight levels and multiple-plane motions.

HPE127 - Hatha Yoga I Credits: 1
Hatha Yoga is an ancient practice which concentrates on the physical body. The techniques of Hatha Yoga develop strength, flexibility and balance in the body and mind. It creates inner peace and harmony. This course is an introduction to Hatha Yoga.

HPE128 - Introduction to Exercise Physiology Credits: 3
A survey of the scientific principles and research as applied to exercise physiology and physical fitness. Areas of emphasis will include the muscular system, cardiovascular and pulmonary responses to exercise, measurement of energy, environmental and other influences on performance and the examination of fitness training. The course provides a basis for the study of physical fitness and athletic training.
Prerequisite: (Any One) High School Biology, BIO 101, Permission of Department Chair.

HPE129 - Strength and Conditioning Credits: 1
Application of training principles and the development of safe and effective techniques involved in progressive resistance weight training. Free-weights, resistance machines, and specific strength exercises will be utilized by the student to implement an individualized program for optimal gains in muscular endurance, lean body composition, and motor performance.

HPE130 - Nutrition for Wellness Credits: 2
This course is designed to introduce the student to fundamental, introductory nutrition terms, concepts and dietary strategies. The student will learn about nutrients and complete activities related to their own consumption of those nutrients.

HPE131 - Beginning Golf Credits: 1
This course is designed to teach the students the proper fundamentals of golf, to increase the student's skill level and to develop interest in the life-long activity of golf.

HPE132 - Basic Martial Arts Credits: 1
This course is designed to introduce students to the martial arts. This course teaches the basic blocks, punches and counters of the martial arts. This course also offers hand-to-hand, self-defense techniques which may save your life.

HPE136 - Group Stationary Bicycling Credits: 1
This course will introduce students to the cardiovascular activity of bicycling. It will improve the aerobic capacity of students by cycling in an indoor group exercise class. The class will also give the student the skills for riding a bicycle safely and within the laws of the road. Topics to be covered include riding within a target heart rate, flat, hill, and interval riding, lane riding, traffic laws, trail riding, compenents of a bicycle, and basic mechanicial mainteance.

HPE141 - Volleyball Credits: 1
This course will introduce the participant to basic and intermediate volleyball skills and strategies. Topics to be covered will include historical background of volleyball, serving, forearm pass, overhead pass, setting, attacking, defensive and offensive formations and officiating principles.

HPE151 - Health Promotion, Fitness and Sports Programming Credits: 3
The identification of problems and goals, how goals may be achieved; the problems and practices of family, agency and governmental recreation programs; meeting the needs of modern youth; selection of activities for various age groups in the recreation center and playground situation; advanced planning, promotion, preparation and operation of programs; the development of weekly programs, schedules and special events.

HPE152 - Introduction to Physical Education Credits: 3
Is designed to acquaint the student with the profession. The role of physical education in the educational process. An introduction to the history, philosophy, theory, practice and opportunities for the Physical Educator. (Fall semester only.)

HPE153 - Elementary School Physical Education Credits: 3
Emphasis is on program planning, teaching, techniques, the direction and participation in elementary Physical Education Activities, and the selection of activities that will help satisfy the needs of the elementary school child. Includes practical experience in school gymnasium. (Spring semester only.)

HPE154 - Safety and First Aid Credits: 3
This course is designed to prepare the student to recognize that an emergency exists and to prepare the student to make appropriate decisions regarding first aid care and to act on those decisions. The course will also emphasize the importance of a safe and healthy lifestyle. Students will have the option of American Red Cross certification in adult, infant, child CPR, Responding to Emergencies First Aid, and/ or Automated External Defibrillation.