Course Descriptions


JOR100 - Introduction to Mass Communications Credits: 3
A survey of the influence of mass media on culture society and the individual.

JOR101 - Introduction to Journalism and News Reporting Credits: 4
A beginner's course in gathering and writing news. Topics include: definition of news, writing leads and building a story, the law of libel, and news sources. The focus of the course is writing in a terse, accurate Associated Press style.

JOR102 - Advanced News Reporting Credits: 4
A course in advanced news writing designed as a follow-up to those who have had Journalism 101 (Intro. to Journalism and News Reporting) or its equivalent. Topics include: specialized reporting, on-line journalism, human interest stories, news features, and introductory copyreading. There is constant practice in writing in-depth news assignments.
Prerequisite: JOR 101.

JOR103 - Feature Writing Credits: 4
A course designed for the advanced journalism student. Students will be assigned specific feature-type assignments and will be required to use a more creative approach than is customary in straight news writing. Students also will be required to determine what type of photographic effort should be included to strengthen the finished presentation.
Prerequisites: JOR 101, JOR 102 or permission of department chair.

JOR200 - Professional Internship Credits: 4
A supervised observation-experience program of study and assignment to a professional newspaper, a professional public relations office, or a work site that offers the student an opportunity to employ skills learned in the JOR program. Students will work 200 hours with their employers and expect to spend one hour each week in conference with the journalism instructor and others in the internship program.
Prerequisites: JOR 101, 102, 103 (minimum 2.0 GPA in each course) or permission of department chair.

JOR201 - Copy Editing and Make-up Credits: 3
Evaluating news and display: editing and rewriting news for the mass media, (with emphasis on the daily newspaper), newspaper typography, make-up and news judgment and selection; using appropriate software programs to create newspaper pages.
Prerequisite: JOR 101.

JOR202 - Advertising Credits: 3
A study of basic principles of advertising. Elements of advertising; survey of different departments of advertising work, including copy, art, display, trademarks, media, and knowledge of graphics and layout. Analysis of current advertisements. Advertising as a social force. Creating ads using the latest computer software.

JOR209 - Special Projects Workshop Credits: 4
A supervised program of study and assignment designed to culuminate a student's coursework by employing writing, editing, design, and marketing skills learned in the JOR program in the development of a professional publication (newspaper, Web publication or magazine). The workshop requires that the student display a high level of skills mastery in the area of concentration of the selected topic. Each student is required to provide 200 hours of work, which includes preparation, production, and meetings.
Prerequisites: JOR 101, 102, 103 (Grade C or better in each course) and permission of the department chair.

JOR211 - Introduction to Public Relations Credits: 3
This course is an introduction to the fundamentals and basic communication principles and instruments involved in the profession of public relations. Since public relations professionals are presumed to be effective writers, speakers, organizers and listeners, stress is placed on writing and interviewing. There is also an emphasis on gathering and analyzing information, particularly in the realm of publics and public opinion, and in utilizing research in formulating strategies and preparing presentations. Consideration is given to the history of public relations as well as to the role of public relations in the future, to media law and ethics, and to problem-solving and crisis management. Tactics, techniques and critical skills are learned through analysis of actual public relations case studies, and through the hands-on experience of preparing public relations strategies and campaigns.