Course Descriptions


LAP100 - Introduction to Paralegal Studies Credits: 3
This course is designed to present the basic knowledge needed to perform the work of a paralegal. An overview of the paralegal profession is presented with a basic legal vocabulary utilized. The basic skills of fact investigation, legal research and analysis combined with legal ethics are examined in detail.

LAP201 - Tort and Criminal Law Credits: 3
A basic knowledge of the law of torts with related skills required to be an effective paralegal assistant in the practice will be the main theme of the course. Criminal law is also considered by a survey of the nature, purposes and doctrine of modern law. (Paralegals only)
Prerequisites: BUS-261, LAP-100

LAP202 - Estate Law Credits: 3
The various duties of lawyers and their representatives of an estate will be considered in detail. The analysis of the administration of an estate will include the Pennsylvania Probate practice including grants of letters, probate of will, duties following grants of letters, family exemptions, election against the will, and the administration of real estate.
Prerequisites: BUS-261, LAP-100

LAP203 - Corporate Law Credits: 3
The incorporation process undertaken by lawyers and legal assistants including the laws of incorporation, the qualifications of foreign jurisdictions, amendments to by-laws, close corporations, shareholders meetings, employment agreements and corporate distributions are examined in detail.
Prerequisites: BUS-261, LAP-100

LAP204 - Bankruptcy Law Credits: 3
The background and objectives of current bankruptcy law with an understanding of the Bankruptcy Code will be considered. The Code and Rules are analyzed with emphasis on the practical aspects of filing and handling a bankruptcy case.
Prerequisites: BUS-261, LAP-100

LAP205 - Family Law Credits: 3
The course provides an overview of the various objectives, classes and sources of family law. In addition, the course analyzes family law including areas of antenuptial agreements, contract cohabitation, common law marriages, annulment, and divorce procedure.
Prerequisites: BUS-261, LAP-100

LAP206 - Civil Litigation for the Paralegal Credits: 3
This course is designed to provide an overview of the court system and litigation process. The concepts of jurisdiction and venue are reviewed in detail. The chronological plan of litigation, concentrating on the importance of the opening stages of a lawsuit, interviewing skills, drafting and filing pleadings, and the appropriate avenues of discovery are examined minutely. The final stages of litigation and post-trial proceedings are covered, with suggestions to the students in the form of practical illustrations.
Prerequisites: BUS-261, LAP-100

LAP250 - Legal Research & Writing Credits: 3
This capstone hands-on course provides practice in conducting legal research and writing legal documents building on knowledge gained in the LAP program.
Prerequisites: 12 credits of LAP with C or higher

LAP279 - Legal Assisting Internship Credits: 3
Student is given the opportunity to do an internship in the legal profession. Internships may be done in any legal environment with the approval of the business department. This internship is intended to give the student practical work experience in the private and public law sectors in doing the work required of a paralegal. The student will be supervised by the coordinator of the internship.
Prerequisite: 18 credits of LAP with a minimum GPA of 2.0.