Course Descriptions


MRT110 - Basic Music Recording Credits: 5
An overview of the tools, theories and techniques employed in the music recording industry.

MRT120 - Live Sound Reinforcement Credits: 3
This course introduces the concepts and technical skills required for live event sound reinforcement. Topics include the operation and interconnection of components of a basic sound system including consoles, amplifiers, speaker stacks and processors. Student will also learn to differentiate between a recording, front-of­house and monitor mix.

MRT121 - Basic MIDI Theory and Sequencing Credits: 4
This course is designed to afford the student the opportunity to utilize the latest digital technology by working with a Musical Instrument Digital Interface. This industry-standard interface is used with electronic musical keyboards and PCs for computer control of musical instruments and devices. Through the use of hardware and software, the student will be able to create realistic-sounding music by synthesizing individual and multiple instruments into a musical sample or composition.

MRT122 - On-Location Recording Credits: 3
This course will provide the student with a working knowledge of the special techniques required to record music outside of a studio setting. It covers the unique requirements for capturing sound in diverse acoustical environments where music is performed. From the concert hall, to a jazz combo in an auditorium, to a rock band in a club, the course concentrates on capturing live performances for broadcast or later distribution on CD.

MRT220 - Advanced Music Recording Credits: 3
An advanced course that affords the student the opportunity to build upon the technical skills developed in MRT 110 (Basic Music Recording). A more detailed approach to equipment capabilities, multi-track recording skills and mastery of contemporary recording tools will be emphasized. Signal processing, analog and digital recording, editing and advanced mixing are examined in depth.
Prerequisite: MRT 110.

MRT221 - Music Management Credits: 3
An examination of the current requirements and business trends used both to record music and market product in the industry. The perspective of the artist , as well as the needs of the recording industry will be examined. Through lecture and research, students will examine cost ratio, market analysis, job responsibilities, and employment opportunities as producer, engineer and artist.

MRT222 - Digital Audio Editing Credits: 4
This course introduces the basic concepts of the digital audio workstation and the processes involved in performing multi-track recording, editing and sound processing utilizing a hard disc recording system. Digital audio mastering and Compact Disc and Audio DVD replication are also discussed.

MRT228 - Music Recording Workshop Credits: 6
Music Recording Workshop consists of 6 credit hours of intensive work in a fully functional studio setting. This atmosphere will afford the student the opportunity to put their newly formed skills to the test by working with musicians in an actual recording session. A final presentation, based on a semester project will be required to demonstrate the student's development and expertise.
Prerequisite: MRT 110.

MRT229 - Music Recording Internship Credits: 6
A six-credit course in which the student will participate in a supervised on-the-job observation and work experience in a local recording facility or industry related core competency. Eligibility will be based on the student's departmental grade point average. Assignment will be made following the evaluation of the student's grades, prior experience, and career objectives. Students will meet periodically with faculty members, will keep a running anecdotal history of his/her experience, along with a term paper placing those experiences in perspective.