Course Descriptions


NET101 - Introduction to Reactor Plant Systems Credits: 3
Basic design and operation of commercial nuclear power plants. Boiling water reactor and pressurized water reactor component design and interaction are explored.
Corequisites: MAT III, EET 131.

NET104 - Nuclear Instrumentation & Controls Credits: 3
Measurement theory and principles of operation of the following process variables: pressure, flow, liquid level, and temperature.
Prerequisites: EET 131.

NET202 - Principles of Electronic Instrumentation Credits: 3
Theory and principles of electronic circuits and test equipment are studied as found in instrumentation and controls.
Prerequisites: EET 131, 132.

NET203 - Atomic & Nuclear Physics Credits: 3
A study and analysis of the constitution of nuclei, isotopes, radioactivity, and nuclear reactions. The application of nuclear physics to the operation and control of a nuclear reactor is emphasized. Includes introduction to theory of relativity and quantum physics.

NET205 - Fundamentals of Health Physics Credits: 3
Physics of radiation, biological effects, radiation safety, ALARA techniques, radiation theory, safety regulations, and techniques of operation of Health Physics Survey instruments for measuring radiation, contamination, and airborne activity.
Prerequisites: NET 203, PHY 124.

NET206 - Reactor Core Fundamentals Credits: 3
A study of basic concepts and applications of nuclear engineering, reactivity control, core design applications, and reactivity management in a commercial nuclear power plant.
Prerequisites: NET 203.

NET208 - Human Performance Technology/Error Avoidance Credits: 2
This course describes types of errors, error likely situations, and techniques to avoid errors. It includes both theoretical and practical applications of human performance technology. Students will master the performance of basic error reduction techniques.