Course Descriptions


PLH101 - Plumbing and Heating I Credits: 8
An introduction to the plumbing and heating trade: use of hand and power tools, safety procedures, materials and methods of drain, waste and vent systems, building and sewage system maintenance, pipefitting, mathematics of pipe fitting, water supply theory and installation, fixture installation, and the installation and repair of domestic hot water heating appliances, trouble shooting and repair of the plumbing system.
Concurrent with MAT 103 or permission of instructor.

PLH102 - Plumbing and Heating II Credits: 8
Heat loss calculation; design of steam and hot water heating systems; basic elec­tricity and electronics for heating controls; installation and repair of gas, oil, coal and electric heating systems; trouble shooting and efficiency checks for all types of heating systems and basic solar systems will be reviewed. Individual lab projects for heating systems will be assigned.
Prerequisites: MAT 103, PLH 101 or permission of instructor.

PLH105 - Controls for Heating Systems Credits: 4
This course will cover basic electricity/electronics theory and application, to include mathematical and practical solutions to series, parallel, and series-parallel electrical networks. Wiring from the main panel box to and including the boiler control wiring, and the electro/mechanical theory of the control circuit. Theory concerning the safety and comfort design of the control system, and applications to various fuel use. Practical demonstrations and individual lab projects on designing and controlling the heating system to achieve specific results will be taught. Use of various meters and system trouble-shooting is also included.
Prerequisite: CEL 103 or permission of instructor.

PLH108 - Blueprint Reading and Estimating for the Plumbing and Heating Technologies Credits: 3
Will provide the knowledge to develop the ability to interpret trade blueprints and to plan the installation of the required plumbing and heating equipment. The student will be able to interpret correctly all types of trade drawings, make isometric sketches of plumbing and heating installations, and to make a mechanical plan of piping and fixtures to scale, and estimate the cost of equipment installed in construction.

PLH112 - Basic Plumbing Systems Credits: 4
Introduction to plumbing and heating trade; use of hand and power tools. Theory and application of basic plumbing and heating systems, including identification of equipment and supplies, types of pipe, domestic water supply, drainage system, fixture connections and their installation. Individual laboratory projects are assigned with emphasis on safety requirements.