Course Descriptions


SOC101 - Principles of Sociology Credits: 3
The course is designed to introduce the student to the unique perspective of the sociologist. Students will learn about the history of the field, research methods, culture, stratification, deviance, social psychology and various other areas. This course lays the theoretical and conceptual framework for other sociology courses. (Formerly SOC 215. Students cannot get credits for taking both courses.)

SOC103 - Introduction to Women's Studies Credits: 3
The course focuses on women's experiences, past and present, in the worlds of family, work, education, health, religion, the media and the legal system. Students explore and discuss women's choices and challenges in American society. Because women's contributions have often been ignored or dismissed, Introduction to Women's Studies highlights women's many and varied accomplishments.

SOC110 - Issues in American Diversity Credits: 3
This course will explore the pluralism of American society as expressed in ethnic, racial, religious, class, gender, and cultural diversity. In addition, human diversity expressed in sexual orientation, age, educational level, and ability will be addressed. Personal narratives as well as theory will be presented in order to illustrate the experience and realities of living in a diverse society. The historical antecedents and current status of pluralism in the United States will be examined. Ex­isting societal systems of power, privilege, and equity will be discussed. The mechanisms of social change will also be discussed. (Formerly SOC 225).

SOC216 - Contemporary Social Issues Credits: 3
We live in an era of technology that can set a person on the moon or replace human tissue with an adequate substitute. In spite of these remarkable technological achievements, social problems still baffle us. Solutions for these problems not only escape us, but the problem itself is often beyond an adequate definition.

SOC217 - The Family Credits: 3
A study of the family as an institution in relation to the society in which it functions. The course examines the family in light of current research, statistics and issues. It explores the political, social, economic, and biological forces which influence and change families, as well as the effect of families on these forces.

SOC218 - Cultural Anthropology Credits: 3
Faces of Culture - Studies of Cultural Anthropology is a one-semester college level course in introductory anthropology. The course features dramatic and unique footage from around the world. It includes cultures from all continents, the major human subsistence patterns and begins at the start of human history - finishing at the present. The course focuses on the premise that every society is based on an integral culture which satisfies human needs and facilitates survival. The course also explores the ways in which our own culture fits into the broad range of human possibilities.

SOC219 - Introduction to Gerontology Credits: 3
This course provides an understanding of the process of aging, old age as a stage of life, and the impact of aging in society.

SOC299 - Honors Colloquia Credits: 1
The Honors Colloquia are designed to provide an in-depth exploration in a specific area of interest through an interdisciplinary approach. Topic will reflect current and historical people, events, issues and trends. Students must complete three Honors Colloquia courses to fulfill the requirements for graduation in the Honors program.