Course Descriptions


SPE125 - Fundamentals of Speech Credits: 3
A course designed to develop understanding and application of the concepts of effective speech communication in the collective audience situation. Intensive participation in a variety of speech situations which include both formal and informal presentation technique (i.e., extemporaneous and impromptu speech methods) and interaction in large and small groups provide the student with practical experience based on the principles of effective speech communication developed throughout the course.

SPE150 - Oral Interpretation Credits: 3
An attempt at developing critical appreciation of prose and poetry and the ability to communicate that appreciation to others through oral reading. This course is of particular value to those in elementary education programs and those who plan to teach English at any level.

SPE200 - Group Discussion Credits: 3
The role of discussion in a democratic society as a problem-solving technique will be stressed. Students will be asked to prepare, organize, and conduct small group discussions which will be evaluated by the instructor and fellow classmates. The techniques of leadership, participation, and listening will be studied and practiced. The responsibility of the speaker for good speech techniques will be emphasized.

SPE210 - Introduction to Interpersonal Communication Credits: 3
Designed to provide the student with an understanding of the communication process through an examination of the theories and practices of inter/intrapersonal communication. Attention is given to listening, small group communication, verbal and non-verbal communication, conflict resolution, communication apprehension, and relationship building. Emphasis is placed on human interaction as a means of examining individual and group values and belief systems as they pertain to questions of diversity and multiculturalism, gender communication, workforce issues, etc. A wide variety of in-class activities provides the student with opportunities to experiment with personal communicative style and to evaluate his/her strengths and weaknesses.

SPE226 - Advanced Speech Credits: 3
Designed to give the student familiarity with and practice in the principles of logical reasoning and formal discourse; practice is provided in the principles of public speaking, special-occasion speaking, persuasive speaking, lecturing and other related areas of public address.
Prerequisite: SPE 125.