2017/2018 Catalog > Communication Arts

Associate in Applied Science degree in
Journalism and Media Writing

Program Mission/Description:
The A.A.S. degree in Journalism and Media Writing is designed to prepare the graduate for an entry-level position in fields that require strong writing, editing, reporting and graphic design skills in a global, interactive, multi-media environment. The program also provides a solid platform for transfer to four-year programs specializing in the areas of mass media, print journalism, public relations, advertising, professional non-fiction writing and other fields that demand a communications skill set appropriate for the Information Age.
This program provides the student the opportunity to:
  • Develop competency in the writing, editing, and design skills required for careers in a text-driven, graphically rich, interactive, multi-media environment.
  • Develop competency in the research and organizational skills necessary to produce materials for a wide variety of mass media environments.
  • Advance and excel as a transfer student to four-year programs specializing in the areas of mass media.
  • Increase and enhance her/his competency, discernment, and standard of criticism as a media consumer in the new Information Age.
Learning Objectives
The graduate of this program is able to:
  • Identify topics of interest for a global, interactive mass media market.
  • Research topics and data from diverse sources and make distinctions based upon levels of credibility.
  • Initiate contact with interview subjects, prepare to conduct a professional interview, establish and maintain rapport, and obtain information useful and marketable to media and/or institutional audiences.
  • Compose news and other media-related content appropriate for delivery via a variety of major media vehicles.
  • Write feature-length articles utilizing a variety of creative styles for a wide range of media outlets, including print, broadcast, and web-based publications.
  • Produce lively, attention-getting advertising copy conducive to a design concept for delivery via print, television, radio and web-based outlets.
  • Utilize the prevailing technology and an understanding of media convergence to incorporate elements of written copy, graphic design and/or audio and video script into professional media productions.
  • Demonstrate media literacy by articulating the rights and responsibilities of professional media people, evaluating information as critical media consumers, and incorporating information into the decision-making processes necessary to participate in a democratic society and its economic, civil, political, and educational institutions.
Required Courses
First year - First semester:

Course Code:Course Name:Number of Credits:
CIS-106Computers in Industry3
ENG-101English Composition3
FYE-101First Year Experience1
JOR-100Introduction to Mass Communications3
JOR-101Introduction to Journalism and News Reporting4
SPE-125Fundamentals of Speech3
Total: 17
First year - Second semester:

Course Code:Course Name:Number of Credits:
ENG-102Advanced Composition: Contemporary Issues3
HIS-202American History Since 18653
or EMS-207
Health and Physical Ed Electives
or Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (C.P.R.)
JOR-102Advanced News Reporting4
JOR-201Copy Editing and Make-up3
SOC-101Principles of Sociology3
Total: 17
Second year - First semester:

Course Code:Course Name:Number of Credits:
COM-104Introduction to Multimedia Technology3
ECO-151Principles of Economics I (Macro)3
JOR-103Feature Writing4
ElectiveMathematics Elective3
ElectiveSocial Science Elective3
Total: 16
Second year - Second semester:

Course Code:Course Name:Number of Credits:
Humanities Elective
or History Elective
or JOR-209
Professional Internship
or Special Projects Workshop
Journalism Elective
or Communications Elective
or Commercial Art Elective
POS-212State and Local Government3
ElectiveScience Elective3
Total: 19
Total Credits for Degree: 69