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Department Chair: Thomas McHugh
Programs of study:

LCCC Logo BulletAdvertising / Graphic Design
LCCC Logo BulletAudio / Video Communications
LCCC Logo BulletComputer Graphics / New Media
LCCC Logo BulletJournalism and Media Writing
LCCC Logo BulletMusic Recording Technology
LCCC Logo BulletPainting Illustration
LCCC Logo BulletPhotography
LCCC Logo BulletTheatre

My Story My Story

My Story PhotoGreat Journalism Program

Matthew Singer Hometown: Hanover Township, PA Major: Journalism/ Communications

Why I chose to attend LCCC: Like most high school students, I had no idea what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I chose LCCC because it was close, convenient, and cheap. I didn't want to waste money going...

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My Story PhotoTwo years here, two years anywhere

Brianna Redding is not the typical college student. She always knew she wanted to go to college and do something creative, but not something that would be a "dead end." A Pittston Area graduate, Luzerne County Community College was only a short drive away to bigger opportunity. Not only was LCCC affordable,...

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Spotlight Spotlight

Spotlight PhotoDegrees in Communications

Luzerne County Community College offers eight exciting majors for students interested in the field of communications. Students interested in a career in graphic design might consider enrolling in the Advertising/Graphic Design program. This program is designed to prepare students for employment in the...

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Spotlight PhotoHot Career: Advertising Design

The great thing about working in advertising is you get to be a Jack-Of-All-Trades, according to Jeremie Musyt, creative director, DeLuca Frigoletto Advertising Inc. and Luzerne County Community College graduate. "It's amazing what type of hats you'll find yourself wearing," he says. "One day you will...

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Communication Arts Faculty
Edward Ackerman
Robert Bogdon
Thomas Borthwick
Sheena Dalley
Denise Evans
James Gavenus
Kevin Jones
Douglas Martin
Darrell McGinness
Thomas McHugh
Patrick McLane
Kathy Moyer
Melinda Nardone
Peter Nardone
Jason Oakey
Andrew Petonak
Neil Prisco
Ronald Reino
Gina Rice
Wanda Riley
Ronald Rogers
Teresa Rogers
Joanne Sabalaske
Paul Sinclair
Christopher Vida
Peterlyn Wojtuszewska
John Zugarek