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Are you intrigued by courtroom drama and the legal system? Have you ever wondered where those closed captions come from while watching your favorite television show or sporting event? Would you like to help people with hearing disabilities? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you may want to consider a career in court reporting.

Court reporters capture conversations and convert them into written form by using a steno-type machine with 22 buttons and a computer. Spelling words phonetically and using brief forms, much like text messaging, allows court reporters to write more than 200 words per minute.

Court reporting students will hold more than just a piece of paper following graduation. They will also hold a job. At a time when unemployment rates continue to plague much of the country, this field is projecting a national surge in opportunity.

  • Legal reporting for county, state, and federal courts
  • Self employment as a freelance reporter
  • Broadcast captioning for local and national captioning companies
  • CART reporting for the hearing impaired

National career and salary information

Full Time Faculty

Karen Dessoye * 800-377-5222 x7548
Office: Bldg 7 - Business & Information Sciences Center Rm 701G

Adjunct Faculty

Joanne Supko

The CRC program is part of the CIS Department and is housed in Bldg. 7, Business & Information Sciences Center Building. Students will have access to modern computer labs and classrooms featuring the latest hardware and software. Students will also be provided with steno-type machines.

  • Job/Career Fair
    A great opportunity for our students to learn more about area businesses. It provides an opportunity for student to explore the major choice options. This event provides a way for students to engage with area business to discuss future career internships/job opportunities. Our alumni are invited to participate which gives students an opportunity to network and learn about the world of work.
  • Business Etiquette Luncheon
    The luncheon designed to inform students on how to dress and shake hands as well as eating and drinking at a luncheon. It will address small talk and conversation stoppers in additional to conversational zones.
  • Court Reporting and Captioning Week
    Each February our students participate in National Court Reporting and Captioning Week. During the week, we host guest speakers from various reporting professions, have pizza parties, contests, and other activities.


Court Reporting
Court Reporting
Court Reporting