Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to wait to buy my textbooks?
The Bookstore has to ensure you are getting the correct book. Sometimes the professor doesn't make a selection early enough or makes changes the last minute and the Bookstore does not have enough time to order and receive the books sooner. Also, financial aid accounts for students can't be set up earlier because grades have to be submitted at the end of the prior semester to verify progress in order to release financial aid for the next semester. That leaves a narrow window of time to set up the accounts. There is also a limited time frame in which to receive and return books. If the books are not sold and held too long they are not returnable to the publisher. Timely receiving and returns to the publisher holds down the cost of the textbooks.

Why do my textbooks cost so much?
On average, 75.9 % of the sticker price on new books goes back to the publisher, mostly to cover development of the book, normal business expenses, and royalties to the author. The rest goes to the store and after paying operating expenses, on average, just 6.3 cents (before taxes) on every dollar you pay for new textbooks represent the profit to the store. The profit then goes back to the college to help defray the cost of tuition.

Why doesn't the store pick cheaper books?
The store is not involved in textbook selection. Your professors spend many hours reviewing dozens, maybe hundreds, of books to find just the right ones for your courses. The department chair in conjunction with your professor tells the Bookstore which books to order.

Why can't my book be sold at buyback?
There are many reasons why a book might be turned down for buyback. The store and/ or the wholesaler (buy-back company) may have reached quota. The publisher may be replacing the book with a new, updated edition next term. The book may be part of a required package of items that cannot be sold separately. Your copy may not be salable due to a broken cover, missing or torn pages, excessive highlighting or marking, offensive marks, stains, water damage, or missing CD.

Why are shrink-wrapped packages not returnable when opened?
The packages normally contain integrated materials that cannot be sold separately. Opening the shrink-wrap compromises the new condition of the package. It cannot be sold as new or returned to the publisher.

Some textbooks are shrink-wrapped with extras I don't need or use. Why does the store make me pay for these?
These supplemental materials have been developed by the publisher, and are normally included with the books at no extra cost to the students. They are intended to help you succeed with the class.

Why is there a limited return period each semester?
The longer a book is being used, the more chance of it being returned in less than new condition if the class is dropped or canceled. To keep costs down the Bookstore returns textbooks that have not been sold in the store. If textbooks are held too long they are not returnable to the publisher.

Why is there a restocking/return fee?
When the Bookstore runs out of textbooks, they are re-ordered. When Books are returned, the Bookstore will then have a large amount of Books that will not be sold and will have to be returned the company. To defray the cost of shipping when extra books are ordered and returned to the company, the Bookstore charges a return fee. Out of stock occurs when students purchase books for information in order to buy their textbooks elsewhere and then return them; when students purchase wrong books; or the instructor decides not to use a book. It would be beneficial to purchase textbooks with information from the instructor after attending the first class to ensure returns are not needed.