On-Line: Marketing Your Business on the Internet

Course Number:ZOLNE2G01
Begin Date:2022-05-18
End Date:2022-07-08
Days/Times:null Anytime, Day or Night
Number of Sessions:12
Description:Find out how to market your business on the Internet from an e-commerce expert, even if you have little or no money to spend. In this practical, hands-on course, you'll learn little-understood secrets about the types of businesses that thrive on the Web. Then, you'll discover proven methods that will help you establish an Internet presence and build an online brand identity. You'll even learn several low-cost promotion strategies that you can use to drive visitors to your site. Requirements: An understanding of basic marketing principles, completion of Patricia Franks' Designing Effective Websites online course (or equivalent experience), completion of Craig Power's Creating Web Pages online course (or equivalent experience), Internet access, e-mail, and the Netscape or Internet Explorer or Firefox Web browser.
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