On-Line: Introduction to Adobe Acrobat 9

Course Number:ZOLNE2G01
Begin Date:2022-06-15
End Date:2022-08-05
Days/Times:null Anytime, Day or Night
Number of Sessions:12
Description:Whether you're a business owner, employee, student, homemaker, or community club member, you probably need to share information in different ways every day. And you need to make sure that others can view your documents easily and efficiently. Adobe Acrobat 9 gives you the power to create PDF documents from a variety of source files or completely from scratch. In this introductory course, you'll learn how to combine, reuse, share, and distribute all sorts of content. First we'll cover common ways of using existing material to create new custom material. Then we'll dig into some online, interactive, and real-time ways to share and communicate. You'll discover that when you can create your own PDF documents, communicating doesn't have to be boring! Requirements: Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Windows or Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended Windows or Vista. Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Mac (either as a standalone product, or as part of an Adobe CS4 collection) and Mac OS X Tiger (10.4.11), Leopard (10.5.x), or Mac OS X Intel; Internet access, e-mail, the Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox Web browser. Note: Acrobat 9 Pro software must be installed and fully operational before the course begins. Microsoft Office programs such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, and Adobe Creative Suite programs such as Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Adobe Illustrator CS4 are used in preparation of the course materials, although they aren't necessary to complete the course. Access to these programs is useful for personal project development.
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