On-Line: Introduction to Oracle

Course Number:ZOLNE2G01
Begin Date:2022-05-18
End Date:2022-07-08
Days/Times:null Anytime, Day or Night
Number of Sessions:12
Description:Learn how to use the Oracle database management system to plan, organize, and manage your data. Introduction to Oracle will provide you with a practical hands-on approach to relational databases concepts and Oracle's database management system. This course will introduce you to the Structured Query Language (SQL), Oracle's SQL*Plus, and other valuable tools used to develop, manage, and reference an Oracle database. In this six-week online course, you will learn how to create an Oracle database, build various database objects for the database, and write simple SQL statements that access the data from the database. This course will teach you how to write Data Definition Language statements to create, update, and delete database objects. You will learn how to execute Data Control Language statements to give or delete access rights to database objects. You will write Data Manipulation Language statements to insert, update, and delete records from a database. Finally, you will learn how to query the data and create finished reports. Requirements: Internet access, E-mail, Netscape or Internet Explorer Web browser. A computer with an installed copy of Oracle (versions 7, 8, or 9 are acceptable). This course is intended for the post-installation instruction of Oracle, therefore installation support will not be provided in the course. However, you may obtain a trial copy of Oracle at Oracle.com, under the ‘Downloads’ section. Please note that a high-speed Internet connection is highly recommended to download Oracle.
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