On-Line: Guiding Kids on the Internet

Course Number:OLE047
Begin Date:2014-04-16
End Date:2014-06-06
Days/Times: Anytime, Day or Night
Number of Sessions:12
Description:Work the Web with your kids! This essential course for teachers, leaders, and parents will give you the confidence you need for helping children get the best from Internet access. Step-by-step instructions will lead you in discovering various kid-friendly Internet features. These include web page creation with easy-to-use templates and examples, kid-safe searches, fun resources for kids; and the many communication possibilities for schools, clubs, teacher networks, and even extended families. This course includes lessons for you, the adult, but also features printable instruction sheets that can be used directly with the young people you work with. The activities are informative, interactive, and fun; and, most importantly, will help you and your kids use the Internet to its fullest potential. Requirements: Internet access, E-mail, Netscape or Internet Explorer Web browser.
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