On-Line: Math Refresher

Course Number:ZOLNE2G01
Begin Date:2022-05-18
End Date:2022-07-08
Days/Times:null Anytime, Day or Night
Number of Sessions:12
Description:Ever find math baffling? This course can help you gain confidence in your basic math skills so you can start using math to your advantage. You won't find any theory or memorization here. Each of your lessons will be filled with practical exercises and information that you can put to immediate use. You'll get valuable hands-on experience and advice on using a calculator; determining the proper amount to pay in tips, discounts, and taxes; managing your income and expenses; checking your bills and bank statements for errors and overcharges; comparing investment vehicles; shopping for the best loans; buying a home; determining the right amount of paint, carpet, or tile for your next home improvement project; converting from one type of currency to another; calculating the chances that something will happen; interpreting a graph; comparing test results; understanding a statistical survey; and more. Requirements: A basic calculator with the ability to add, subtract, multiply, divide, and calculate square roots; Internet access; e-mail; and the Internet Explorer or Netscape or Firefox Web browser.
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